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January 2018 Featured Distributor:

New-Tech Packaging




Too often, packaging is treated like a commodity – with the focus being placed on the visible packaging materials.  Businesses are pressed for time and resources; they often lack details to make informed decisions to improve their packaging decisions.


Purchasers can go to the Internet and search out the lowest prices for boxes or other packing materials, and think that they’re getting the best deal.  The costly mistake is that they’re buying the same items — without innovation or improvements. Even if they buy these materials as cheaply as possible, they are repeating the insanity of doing what they’ve always done – treating packaging like a commodity — missing better choices to make the process faster at a lower, cheaper total cost.


It’s easy to get caught up in the line item expense of packaging, but that line item expense is just the tip of the iceberg.  The true cost of packaging can only be realized when you evaluate the portion of the iceberg that’s hidden below the water – freight costs, dimensional weight,  labor costs, damage costs, etc.


At New-Tech, we take the time to analyze the details of your products and focus on the really massive cost savings that are hidden below the surface. We transform packaging from a commodity with our ability to design unique, problem-solving solutions.


This sets us apart and provides extraordinary value to our customers.  New-Tech is a technology company, working in a commodity industry.  We can provide you with better materials, better ideas, and better innovations to deliver on our promise of Better. Faster. Cheaper.


Contact Information:

New-Tech Packaging, Inc.
2718 Pershing Ave
Memphis, TN 38112
P: (901) 466-8770
F: (901) 498-5571

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