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Connecting to the end user through slight variations in product packaging is a common theme in the personalized packaging space.

Personalized packaging is becoming more accessible with automation advances and the ease of creating digital duplicates with modification abilities. Customers are also showing that they appreciate these products by spending more in this space and providing their feedback via social media channels.

Not only can companies stand out from their competitors by having a humanized approach, but they can also give their consumers a more personal reason to make the purchase through hyper-targeted messaging. The ability to segment by user type, region, name, and a multitude of other descriptors allows companies to easily make an impression and lead to continued sales.

An emphasis on personalization has also led to conversations on converting packaging to ad space, and has allowed end users to customize the packaging that arrives at their home (or the home where they are sending the package). Shipping tape is another area that has been utilized in some companies’ efforts to personalize their products on a packaging level.

This approach can be applied to any packaged good, but is particularly useful in the food and beverage industry, health and beauty, household and garden items, vitamin, and auto.


Personalized Packaging in Action


Using the customer’s name

By this point we have all seen the Coke bottles where the logo has been swapped with an individual’s name, part of the “Share a Coke” campaign. These bottles can be purchased in store (per availability), or can be custom ordered online, and encourage buyers to share coke.  Coke is even adding in last names for trial period. They have incorporated over a thousand names and have received almost a million impressions on twitter. They have created a meaningful experience for something that many people do on a daily basis.




Greeting Card Replacement

Heinz is encouraging its customers to share a can of soup with a sick friend or loved one by putting a “get well soon ____” message on its cans, filling in the blank with random names. This actionable packaging message gives customers a reason to purchase and a convenient personalized message. If that’s not enough, for each purchase Heinz donates money to support activities for hospitalized children.



Using the Box Flap

Companies can also connect to their audience through personalized quotes, notes, or messages on the inside of the packaging. The box in the example uses colorful aesthetics and positive messaging to make a humanized connection in a world where the end user is often removed from the human influence during the purchasing process.



Giving Customers the Power of Personalization

A final example of effective personalization comes in the form of letting your customers take over the packaging design process.  Oreo had a successful experience with this when they released a seasonal packaging design that involved a color-in-the-lines experience. Customers can order online and chose a variety of images and colors. For those who want to take it a step further, a black-and-white option is available and comes with a pack of markers.


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