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Podcasting is one of the most popular mediums for businesses and individuals to communicate important information and other insights with their audiences. As a medium that was not even available a few decades ago, it is remarkable that there are now over 600 thousand active podcasts and almost half of the population has listened to a podcast.

The packaging industry is no stranger to podcasting either. The podcasts that are currently available in packaging cover a range of topics. From flexible packaging to market segment insights there is something for anyone in a packaging role.

These are our top recommended packaging right now.


Packaging Group Podcast: Packaging Perspectives

Packaging Group brand magazines has a podcast called Packaging Perspectives. They share industry news, innovations, and interviews from expert packaging professionals. The experts at the Packaging Group specialize in packaging events, flexible packaging, packaging strategies, and packaging designs.

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Food Bev Media: Packaging Category

Food and Bev media has a podcast that covers many different industries and business topics. Outside of packaging they cover Beverage, Dairy, Environment, Health, Logistics, Retail, and more. Within packaging, Food Bev media shares information such as new packaging innovations, acquisitions and mergers, sustainability innovations, new products, and other engaging pieces.

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The Flexible Packaging Podcast

This is the number one podcast for getting information, insights, and engaging interviews. The information shared comes directly from industry experts and the information is valuable for decision makers. For example, a recent entry focuses on meeting compliance standards.

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Packaging Design Mag

Packaging Design Magazine has a podcast that has volumes of useful information and insights on packaging design trends, news, and ideas. From producing attractive packaging, to trends in materials, there is endless information for anyone in a packaging design role.

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Packaging World Podcast

Packaging World is known for their volumes of articles in the packaging industry but did you know that they have a podcast as well. Some topics include Pack Expo, packaging credentials and certifications, labeling, policies and regulations, and other helpful industry information from packaging experts.

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