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Merger drives market strength along eastern seaboard for cold-chain packaging company.

Wilmington, MA, September 5, 2019 – Pacific Packaging Products, Inc., an international provider of packaging products, equipment, automation and supply chain management services today announced it has merged with Packaging Products Corporation (PPC), a cold chain packaging leader serving the seafood, medical and perishable food industries.

PPC has a broad customer-base along the Eastern Seaboard specializing in all facets of packaging and handling of perishables including seafood and pharmaceuticals. With expertise in the development, supply and cold-chain services that it offers it customers, PPC has a loyal and growing customer-base including those in the fast-growing fresh food industry.

“With the mass consolidation and homogenization within the packaging industry, intelligent companies are seeking providers with true expertise in packaging design, development, supply chain optimization services and automation.” said David Varsano, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Packaging Products. “The merging of the two companies broadens both the geographic coverage and scale of the organizations, but more importantly, brings a level of expertise and service to existing and new customers that exists with few organizations in North America. With Pacific’s scale as one of the largest independent packaging companies in the US, and PPC’s expertise in perishable and cold-chain packaging solutions, the combined capabilities are extraordinary and unique.”

Ted Heidenreich, President of Packaging Products Corporation said, “The combining of our core expertise in Seafood, Perishables and Cold Chain packaging with Pacific’s expertise in supply chain optimization and automation increase the value to all our customers and the market in general. PPC has always prided itself on unparalleled service, and it is great to be working with a family owned company that shares the same values.”
“We are extremely impressed with PPC’s people, and long-proven capabilities, and believe the retention of Ted Heidenreich as the Managing Director of PPC will ensure both continuity and ever-increasing value to the market” said Varsano.

About Packaging Products Corporation
Founded in 1961, Packaging Products Corporation is a leader in the innovation and supply of perishable packaging solutions. PPC specializes in the design, development and distribution of high-quality packaging, focusing on the care and protection of temperature sensitive products in transit, such as seafood, chilled foods, vaccines, reagents as well as all enterprises seeking superior cold chain packaging and transportation solutions.

About Pacific Packaging Products, Inc.
Pacific Packaging is a leading international provider of packaging products, equipment, automation and supply chain management services. Founded in 1952 and headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Pacific has multiple locations across the United States, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic servicing thousands of customers across all major industries.

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