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The packaging industry is rapidly changing. People often think of packaging as an unwavering industry with persistent trends, but there are in fact many changes that happen on a day-to-day basis.

In the short 2 months we have been in 2020 the packaging conversations have been buzzing with new products, new solutions, and optimistic plans for the future. Many people are talking about how automation is going to amp up the production quality and value for companies globally. Environmental experts are partnering with packaging engineers to develop sustainability plans. Just to name a few.

These are the top conversations that are happening in the packaging industry right now.

Sensory Packaging

Brands are always looking for new ways to improve the point-of-sale experience for their products. One approach that is rapidly expanding is sensory packaging. Companies are using sounds, smells, and other sensory interactions to win over customers. Many customers shop without any assistance from a brand representative or store customer service agent – this means that brands need to improve the way they show their value on the box.

Changing the Reputation of Packaging

Unfortunately packaging has become infamous for causing damage to the planet. Some of the information about packaging is misunderstood. Many people in the packaging industry, and other larger consumers of packaging, are working hard to change the reputation of packaging. There are many things that cause worse damage to our planet, and packaging in fact can often contribute to preservation.

The Importance of the Packaging Label

Packaging labels are perhaps the most important element of the whole package. This is a prime area to inform consumers about your product. Some industries also have requirements as far as required information – like medical and food companies. There’s other information that customers look for, such as recycling information, company values, and product value. Today’s conversation focuses on the future of packaging design and what truly draws in a customer.

Succeeding with Ecommerce

Everyone wants to be online. Customers want to shop online and brands are responding by selling their product online. This is a win-win. Customers are getting product just as fast as if they shop in person. Brands are saving money on traditional costs of brick-and-mortar and are often able to grow faster by having a global reach. The question brands are asking is what do we need to know to be successful? Packaging plays a huge role in the success of any ecommerce store.

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