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Experts describe the $400 billion global packaging industry as innovative, stable and creative, drawing new interest every day ( People across America are searching for new careers in the packaging industry at higher rates than ever before. As the industry has experienced massive growth with the e-commerce boom, careers have opened up in all sectors to accommodate this growth. Additionally, the e-commerce boom has brought a new awareness to the packaging sector, drawing in budding packaging professionals.

One reason that there are so many jobs available in packaging is because the industry is so broad. Here are the top careers that are trending packaging right now…


Production – still the heart of the industry. While most production jobs are entry level, they’re often a gateway into many other high-level industry careers. Typical roles in this area include line workers, operators, and mechanics. Their main responsibilities involve packing, sorting and shipping but they also find new and more efficient ways of doing business while ensuring everything runs smoothly. Production roles are a natural fit for those who crave structure, like problem-solving and enjoy working with their hands.


This is a critical discipline in the packaging industry. These are the experts who create the actual packing materials themselves using advanced chemical, mechanical and engineering knowledge. The job also involves selecting raw materials with a focus on optimal strength, durability, shelf life and cost efficiency. A great field for those who excel in math and science and enjoy working with technology.

Sales & Marketing

Help spread the word about packaging products. Salespeople market to clients using their business acumen and people skills. Often working with copywriters, brand experts, and engineers to create packaging that makes an impression and generates results. Designers are called upon to make items feel beautiful and unique. These marketing specialists study color, design, shape, and texture to create demand and entice consumers. Consumer Strategists study public behavior to uncover the latest trends in sales and buying habits. Recognizing how subtle changes in design and positioning can affect overall revenues.


Management and Leadership – opportunities for packaging executives are on the rise and those with the right skills and experience can fetch top dollar. With such a high demand existing worldwide, opportunities are available most anywhere you want to go. Not surprisingly, strategic leaders with the right skills and experience can fetch top dollar. Directors, VPs, and C-Level talent are needed in multiple areas of packaging including: Operations, Sales and Marketing, Research and Development and many others. Best of all, with such a high-demand existing worldwide, executive opportunities in packaging are available most anywhere you want to go.

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