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As a new PDA Member and preferred supplier, we fill an important gap. E-commerce and parcel distribution is ramping up fast and was even more so accelerated by the pandemic. Consumers want sustainable, responsible and minimal amounts of packaging that protect the products they have purchased.

AirWave Packaging leads the industry with the best established program of Earth friendly films and reliable, energy-saving equipment. The more sustainable a material is, the smaller the sweet spot for the ideal application.


AirWave also covers the entire range of equipment. From small tabletop inflators to complex and fully automated Multi packaging station installations.

If your client needs 1 machine and 1 roll per month or 200 overhead systems with automated sensor driven, high performance AirCushion machines – we offer the tailor made solution, made in Indiana in the heart of the Midwest.

Let us discuss, what we can achieve together.

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