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Packaging for ecommerce design goes beyond the graphics and labels – for many brands this is the only touchpoint for customers with the brand. Companies have found ways to innovate and engage customers during the unboxing experience. Other ways that companies are innovating the ecommerce packaging experience include:

  • Offering free returns so customers can try multiple products
  • Subscriptions and reoccurring models to make ordering easier
  • Utilizing packaging materials that are reusable for other projects and products

Contrary to popular belief – less packaging is more these days. Customers are turned off by the idea of “over packaging” and wasting materials.


As many people price-shop, rather than looking at the factors that contribute to industry differentiation, the need for a high rate of customer loyalty increases. Impress your end-users with product design that is thoughtful, innovative, and sophisticated. With creative, yet functional, product offerings in the packaging design space, we give end users a packaging experience to remember. Our design services cover primary and secondary packaging, and consider the customer experience when it comes to interacting with the materials.


Every step of the way we are mindful of the impact that packaging design has on cost, customer loyalty, branding, value, and sales, all which impact the lifeline of your business. By optimizing the packaging process to the item’s form, size, and weight, without losing functionality, we are able to increase supply chain efficiency and the synergies achieved by integrating packaging, design, and logistics.


  • STEP 1: Product Evaluation
  • STEP 2: Packaging Design Blueprint
  • STEP 3: Testing & Benchmarking
  • STEP 4: Delivery & Implementation
  • STEP 5: End User Value


Our people have dedicated their lives to learning about new ways to solve the most complex packaging problems. For example, we protect pharmaceutical, shipping, food, beverage, automotive, and other businesses, as well as their consumers, by providing tamper-evident and tamper-resistant security seals for loss prevention and health safety. We also advance with technology to address intricate e-commerce problems that are a necessary competitive advantage.

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