We create information-driven, value-focused supply chains.

Your Deadlines are Our Top Priority

The concept of delivering the right products on time and damage-free seems straightforward but is often difficult to carry out. We lead our clients to create ease in the daily process of product fulfillment to build a more effective supply chain and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Diversified Experience

Our experience with multi-disciplinary, large organizations has strengthened our ability to detangle order management complexity and manage the associated costs. We also help improve communication streams and ordering channels that exist between organizations and their clients. Our clients are loyal to us because they have experienced our ability to focus on the key factors to a successful order fulfillment process.

Local Meets National

PDA creates long-term value for our customers who require nimble custom solutions on a local and national scale. Many of our partners have multi-location needs that impact their overall supply chain. Our ability to accurately assess and manage these needs for our direct-to-consumer and business-to-business partners makes us adaptable in this complex industry.

The Fulfillment Experience

We work hard to reinforce our ability to to provide real-time, customized services to fit the unique needs of each of our partners, members, and clients, across a range of marketplaces. Our fulfillment offering includes everything from the order placement and receipt process, to the successful delivery of every product.

Packaging Fulfillment: On the Ground
Our packaging fulfillment services include:
Packaging assembly
Multi-channel fulfillment programs
Various product types
Kit assembly
Retail fulfillment
D2C and B2B
Order management and tracking
Customized packing slips

Our fulfillment services fall into our turnkey approach to packaging and our overall service delivery.