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We don’t just sell products. We act as advisors to our partners and clients to look for ways to reduce the cost on every transaction. Any company can help you save pennies and offer a lower bid. What we do differently is peel the intricate layers of a packaging system to find creative, innovative, and sustainable methods to save year over year.


Our experts have two main goals: help you find the right product and increase your bottom line. By having access to the industry’s leading suppliers we are able to customize the product delivery to ensure that specific needs are being met. Then we seek out cost savings by looking at low-hanging fruit, raw material and machinery functionality and cost, dimensional weight impacts, supplier margin, and more.

Our packaging products

Shrink Film

Shrink Film

Products: Bio Degradable, High Temp, Standard

Our shrink film solutions are engineered to provide durability and versatility for your packages. These films are offered in a range of gauges to optimize your yield and privde temperature resistance without compromising end user satisfaction. In addition to shrink film we also offer the equipment, machinery, and replacement parts that are necessary to effectively shrink wrap your products and packaging.

Suppliers: IPG

Stapling Technology

Stapling Technology

Products: Carton Closing, Packaging and Industrial Tools and Fasteners

Our offering of tools and fasteners provide you with an array of box closing solutions. Whether its pallet manufacturing, Trays, Lids, Triwall or boxes there is a solution that will provide you the most secure, economical and eco friendly solution. From Manual, pneumatic, semi automated or battery operated , there is a solution

Suppliers: PrimeSource – Axxis

Poly Bags & Bagging Equipment

Poly Bags and Bagging Equipment

Products: Security Bags, Poly Bags

Our suppliers offer a comprehensive selection of mono- and multi-layer poly bags for tear-resistant and puncture resistant, yet light weight, packaging. Poly bags and bagging equipment includes everything from resealable bags, pre-printed bags, and bagging equipment and machinery, to custom bagging solutions. Packaging bags and equipment serve automotive, food, healthcare, plastics, linen, and a variety of other industries.

Suppliers: LK Packaging, Transcendia, VersaPak, Sharp Packaging By Pregis

Tape & Adhesive
Clear packaging tape

Tape & Adhesive

Products: Machine Length, Hot Melt Adhesives, Specialty Tapes, Water Activated Tapes, Carton Sealing Tapes, Tape Dispensing and Applicating Solutions

We provide packaging tape application methods, including tape dispensers, guns, and applicators, as well as packaging tape options, including sealing tape, duct tape, masking tape, electrical tape, foil tape, water activated tape, coated tape, and more. Beyond tape products, applicators, and machinery, it is our primary objective to define your end goals and ensure that we match you with the most cost-effective and product-protecting solution.

Suppliers: IPG, Shurtape, Classic Tape, Stretchtape

Packing Envelopes & Mailers
Several manilla envelopes stacked

Packing Envelopes & Mailers

Products: Packing List Envelopes, Mailers

Our selection of packaging envelopes and mailers include pressure sensitive envelopes (back loader, end loader, recessed face, and special tape), bubble mailers, padded envelopes, flat envelopes, lab bags, deposit bags, securejacket for cash, mailjacket, polyjacket, and more. Our customized solutions come in a variety of materials, from paper cardboard to polyethylene, to provide secure and resistant transportation processes.

Suppliers: Pregis, LPS, IPG

Packaging Products


Products: Seals, Poly Strapping, Steel Strapping

Our strapping tools and products include: Regular steel strapping (for low to medium applications such as package reinforcements, unitizing, bundling, palletizing and box closure), heavy duty steel strapping (for packaging and bundling brick, concrete block, fabricated metal parts, and lumber), high tensile (heat treated to produce a product which combines high strength with stretch for shock resistance), plastic (polyester and polypropylene for shipping and storage), and more.

Suppliers: Signode, PacStrapping Products

Packaging Products


Products: Stock Printed Labels, Thermal Transfer Labels, Pre-Printed Labels, Label Dispensing and Applicating Equipment

All of our labeling options integrate seamlessly into your packaging processes with the assistance of our top of the line labeling equipment and attention to detail in the manufacturing process. A few labeling applications include transport and logistics, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, consumer durables, product and package identification labeling, shipping, shelf marking, LPN labels for fulfilment and distribution centers, prescription labeling, appliance and electronic labeling, and chemical labeling.

Suppliers: ID Images

Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap

Products: Blown & Cast, Hand & Machine Length Rolls

Stretch Film distributors and suppliers at PDA are among the leading stretch film companies for innovation, size, service and quality. Our stretch film solutions are the most cost effective and energy effective on the market. We offer manual wrappers, semi-automatic wrappers, and automatic wrappers, for improved stability of products or packages, unit loading, efficient handling and storage of unit loads, and product protection and durability.

Suppliers: Berry Global, Sigma Stretch Film, IPG, Base Plastics

Industrial Paper
Packaging Products

Industrial Paper

Products: Recycled Kraft, Newsprint, Reinforced Steel Wrap, Slip Sheets, Chipboard Pads

Our suppliers mix a breadth of product offerings with low prepaid freight minimums which allows our customers to service a variety of applications while reducing inventory investment and maximizing turns Industrial counter rolls and sheets are packed in heavy polyethylene shrink film and can be labeled to your specifications, including bar coding, reorder stamps, and branding requirements.

Suppliers: Badger Paperboard, Armor VCI, Delta, Gordon Paper

Corrugated Boxes
Packaging Products

Corrugated Boxes

Products: Custom, Stock, Edge Protection

PDA’s inclusive product lines introduce packaging products for shipping, display, and in-plant handling applications. We offer paper and plastic corrugated containers, fiberboard boxes, produce packaging, and other corrugated solutions. We give our customers the ability to order the exact quantity they need for just-in-time delivery, creating a convenient and cost effective method for our customers to have what they need when they need it.

Suppliers: Box Partners

Thermal Transfer

Thermal Transfer – Printers and Ribbons

Products: Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Our suppliers offer a wide range of wax, wax/resin, resin ribbon thermal transfer printer supplies, and other thermal ribbons that are crafted with dedication, experience, the finest materials and stringent quality control. To achieve the optimal print quality, it is necessary to match up the correct ribbon with the correct printer. In most cases, for standard print requirements wax ribbons are efficient. For those projects requiring resistance towards chemicals on the printing surface, wax-resin thermal ribbons are highly suggested.

Suppliers: Armor Ribbons, DNP, ID Images

Packaging Equipment

Packaging Equipment

Products: Auto Baggers, Shrink Tunnels & Equipment, Stretch Wrappers, Case Packing, Sealing & Erecting

Our engineers and product developers have crafted the most sustainable and cost effective packaging machinery, to work in combination with our top of the line packaging products. Click here to learn more about our packaging machinery.

Suppliers: Combi, Sharp Packaging By Pregis, Tach-IT, QuantumPak, AirWave, IPG, Toshiba

Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging

Products: Foam in Place, Mailers, Void Fill, Cushioning

Industry leaders select PDA for their packaging foam, cushioning, and other protective solutions because we understand the necessity of transportation without fault or damage. Our systems feature the most cost-effective, time-efficient designs, engineered with the operator in mind. The intuitive equipment design and responsive controls simplify the packaging process, reduce cost and increase productivity.

Suppliers: Flexcor, Pregis, IPG, Laminations, Badger Paperboard, AirWave

Our customers are more than just numbers, they are our trusted partners in developing ongoing creative processes that support growth and long term profitability.

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