An uncompromised ethical foundation directs all of PDA’s operations, communications, service delivery, and customer service protocols.

Our Ethical Values

Our commitment to conscious and active moral standards outlines the types of behaviors and relationships in which we engage. Responsible codes of conduct and a commitment to improving people’s lives in and out of the business environment, as well as a steadfast set of ethics is key to decision making, problem solving, and the ability to craft and create value.


Integrity in business begins with our staff and partners maintaining a high level of personal integrity. Only through personal responsibility can we as a packaging entity ensure our codes of conduct translate to our client base and end users. Integrity requires consistent application of character that is demonstrated daily by an alignment of our thoughts, words and actions.


Packaging Distributors of America’s loyalty to our associates, partners, and clients reflect our strong moral compass. Consistency of loyalty to best practices builds trust, and demonstrates the high value we, as members of the packaging industry, place on advancing the interests all with whom we associate and the way in which we conduct our business and foster relationships.


Our commitment to ethical excellence in daily business operations also conveys our ongoing pursuit of strategies to constantly evolve our philosophies, systems, and methodologies. Delivering the highest quality service and products in the packaging arena makes good business sense only when accompanied with our constant endeavor to always improve and grow our practices and opportunity for positive impact.


PDA’s commitment to accountability stands as another pillar of the foundation for our acknowledgment and acceptance of personal and professional responsibilities. Leadership principles focused on transparency, service to others, and mutual respect, guide our decisions and actions at every level, from staff to business partners, clients, and communities. PDA embraces ownership of the effects of our processes, products, and services.

We are committed to safe and honest practices with:







Our supplier code of conduct means that we apply the high expectations we place on ourselves to our suppliers. Our board of directors holds the entire PDA community to the high standards that were developed at our inception.

Professional Responsibilities

Packaging Distributors of America eagerly pursues its professional responsibilities with passion and awareness. Our objective to lead by example as stewards within the packaging industry demands that we act in the best interests of our clients and business partners.


Our ongoing pledge to continuously meet the personal and professional needs of our clients works in tandem with our commitment to constantly seek to improve our operations and consistency. Our focus remains trained on our responsibility to identify innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that afford our clients and partners the most successful means to achieve their personal and professional objectives.

Our Commitment

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Need Equipment Service?

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