A mindset of opportunity

We care about the future of our planet

We view nature as one of our valued partners

As a company that relies on the products of nature, we appreciate what we receive from our environment and are proud to not only take care of the environment today, but to thoughtfully explore methods that will ensure our future generations have an environment to take care of. We employ experts who ensure that we continually improve our products and processes in ways that allow us to recycle responsibly, use natural resources efficiently, reduce emissions, and keep our people, community, and environment safe.

Helping Our Customers Stay Sustainable

Solving sustainability challenges

Retailers around the globe are actively looking for sustainable products and solutions to meet consumer demands and to respect our planet. At PDA we help to bring those solutions to our customers. We stay on our toes with researching and innovating sustainable solutions and providing sustainable options for our customers.

Helping our customers with longevity

Sustainability and longevity go together. By having sustainable options in packaging and in operations, our customers are able to stay alive and healthy. Sustainability is not just in product – it is also in design and operations.  By designing a packaging line that focuses on sustainability we help our customers achieve a healthy footprint. We also look for ways to keep our own logistics centers green. Many of our distributors have sustainability plans and have evolved their centers to be more friendly for the environment.

Rainforest Alliance Certified
Rainforest Alliance Certified
The Rainforest Alliance is a non-governmental organization working to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.
The Zerofootprint Foundation’s mission is to support community-based partner organizations working at the grassroots level to reduce our collective environmental footprint.
Sustainable Forestry Initiative
Sustainable Forestry Initiative
SFI Inc. is an independent, nonprofit organization that is solely responsible for maintaining, overseeing and improving the internationally recognized Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) program.
Forest Stewardship Council
Forest Stewardship Council
The Forest Stewardship Council sets standards for responsible forest management. A voluntary program, FSC uses the power of the marketplace to protect forests for future generations.

The Environmental Landscape

More than 29.7 Million Tons of Corrugated Boxes are Generated per Year

…and that’s just boxes. Our daily business operations ensure the life enabling, life saving, and life sustaining products that our customers pour their sweat and tears into, make it to their final destinations. This cannot happen without lighting and electricity, manufacturing processes, transportation, renewable goods, and other environmentally dependent products and activities.  In order to keep these wheels turning in a way that helps to sustain the future of our planet, we address the word’s toughest issues with long-term plans that are driven by innovation.

How we face these issues

We ensure that the environmental aspects of how we design, engineer, and manufacture our products are safe and adhere to, if not surpass, the industry standards and initiatives. We utilize technology that monitors and limits usage of water, chemicals, gases, plants, and land to help us quantify our impact and ensure that we are mindful of the communities where we operate, and the potential for the future. Not without saying, we realize that we cannot do this alone, so we prioritize spreading the word about how to responsibly care for the products that we create and distribute. Over time, we have made progress in the ways that we source, manufacture, and distribute our products, and we will never stop looking for ways to be better.

We face the word’s toughest challenges with a sense of compassion, curiosity, and innovation.

Our Commitment

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Need Equipment Service?

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