Our History

We came together to share best practices, and we stayed together to impact the world.

A gap in the industry led to 15 years of innovation

While trade associations have been around for hundreds of years, before PDA, there was no association or consortium developed to represent packaging distribution, and nothing else. Packaging distributors do not have a place to go to share best practices and help each other grow. While other industries were thriving through a joint effort, packaging distributors had no formal place to collaborate.

There is a knowledge and expertise that takes place in packaging that other distribution centers and facilities do not share. It is not just a simple logistics matter with product moving in and out; packaging is a complex system that makes or breaks many corporations. It involves a unique combination of design, equipment, technology, and understanding that does not exist elsewhere. It depends on a keen awareness of each client’s entire business flow and industry standard to create a vehicle to move products, safely and efficiently, without causing harm to people or the environment.

Other associations were too general, leaving packaging distributors without a feeling of alliance. They were ready to be part of an entity that allowed them to come together to exponentially expand their impact, giving them the opportunity to impact their local communities and share knowledge, expertise, experience, and innovation strategies. That is when our founder sat down with our original 6 distributors to establish a plan for PDA.

A timeline of growth


George Strobel launched Packaging Distributors of America in 2006 with the original 6 distribution companies, with a total of 8 locations, an aggregate revenue of 145 million, and 8 suppliers.


In 2009, while the rest of the US was continuing to battle a great recession, PDA continued to grow, with a total of 16 distributors and 25 suppliers.


With 23 members and 36 suppliers, 2011 taught us that our impact is boundless and we celebrated the combined success of the entire PDA community.


As a company that sees the value of innovation, we launched a new logo, and a new website, in 2012.


2016 marked our 10 year anniversary as Packaging Distributors of America. We reached a combined revenue of 1.75 billion and inspired progress with a complete rebranding initiative that focuses on our emphasis on community.


We completed the Every Box Has a Story video campaign which is a video series that brings the packaging box to life through meaningful stories. We also celebrated our Telly Award for the video series, which we were awarded in the category of Branded Content for a Promotional Campaign.


A record breaking year for PDA expansion, we opened 24 new logistics centers in 2019

The future of PDA

In an effort to address social, economical, and environmental challenges, we know that our ideas and plans must extend beyond the current systems and processes and into the future. Staying true to our promise of discovery, our integrated R&D programs help us achieve breakthroughs more quickly and efficiently.


Our five levels of consideration in our efforts to innovate:

  1. Customers: We prioritize our customer’s success over our own. We know that when they succeed, we all succeed. Through site assessment to implementation, we are always considering the impact of our strategies and recommendations on the future of our client’s businesses.
  2. Partners: We refer to our members as partners and community leaders. The specialists that make up the PDA family are part of the long term forces that influence our approach to avoiding future challenges and ensuring our team continues to grow and thrive.
  3. Industry: The products, technology, services, and systems that existing the packaging world affect nearly all of the world’s supply chain operations, encouraging our emphasis on innovation, creativity, and experimentation.
  4. Local Communities: Our value to our customers begins with our strength in local communities. We are conscious of how we are impacting communities through sustainability, philanthropy, and our approach to how we treat people.
  5. World: We know that our local impact fuels global evolution. Through our aggregate of community programs and locations, we are able to share our knowledge and innovation strategies on a global scale.

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