PDA Leadership Team

For over a decade, the leadership team has been guiding the direction of the PDA vision.

We are a community of like-minded souls who want to bring customers value

From our corporate team and board members, down to our service techs and operations crew, our daily lives are guided by our commitment to community, sustainability, ethics, safety, and people, as well as our overall message to enable ingenuity in packaging. Our decision-making and ability to solve some of the toughest challenges is unprecedented because of the way we lead ourselves, as well as our staff.


Our board members work to enforce and maintain our bylaws, interpret success, financial review (development and approval), strategic direction, and employee review. We also know that success is made by the people who work in the daily operations, so we provide work environments that allow everyone to feel safe, knowledgable, and supported.

Our shared values system is the cornerstone of our operations.

A letter from our Founder

In early 2006, my dream of creating an organization that would support and sustain the independent industrial packaging community became a reality.

Also believing in and supporting that dream were six prominent distributors and with their help, PDA was born with the idea of bringing together the brightest and the best in the field, across all of North America, to act as an agent for education, sharing best practices and developing new business for all of our partners, including distributors, suppliers and our customers.

I am pleased to say that in these 15 years we have grown significantly in both size and scope.  PDA now covers the United States, Canada, Honduras, Mexico and the Caribbean with reach throughout Europe, partnering with a UK distributor. We are truly a global business and are still growing. PDA represents over $2.1 Billion in packaging sales to our served communities and will continue to gain business as well as recognition within the industry.

Something else happened along the way!  We discovered that we all had a sincere and genuine need to be stewards of strength and wellbeing to the communities we serve. We understood that our customers are also our neighbors and friends and that we needed to be good shepherds of everything they represent. We do this by making sure we practice solid environmental practices, employing citizens within our communities and through philanthropic behavior.

I am proud of what PDA has become and what it will continue to be, most of all I am proud of our ongoing efforts to support local charities that seldom get the exposure needed to continue to do good work.

I want to thank all of PDA’s partners, distributors, suppliers and customers for allowing us the privilege of being part of their success and for their support of what we stand for.

George Strobel

President, Packaging Distributors of America

Our Board of Directors



George Strobel founded PDA in 2006 with the idea of providing a platform for independent packaging distributors to share, grow and learn, while strengthening their positions in a global market… Read Full Bio

Micah Zehner

Chairman of the Board

Micah Zehner is Vice President of Business Development at New-Tech Packaging, servicing Memphis, TN and the Mid-South area. She has been working with New-Tech Packaging since 2017…Read Full Bio


Board Member

Rod Bayless is the CEO and Co-Owner of Fastpak Systems, an independently owned Packaging Distributor in the Southeast. Since 1986 Fastpak has focused on packaging equipment sales and service…Read Full Bio

Glenn Suta

Board Member

Glenn Suta is the owner and President of Katzke Packaging Co. Katzke is one of the largest independent packaging distributors in Denver and one of the largest in the … Read Full Bio


Board Member

David Varsano is the CEO of Pacific Packaging Products, a leading independent packaging distributor and converter in New England with multiple locations in North North America. Prior… Read Full Bio


Board Member

With over 30 years experience in the packaging industry, Ken Wong is the Vice President of Crownhill Packaging, the largest packaging distributor in Canada and only independent packaging… Read Full Bio


Board Member

Nick Mihacevich is Vice President of Sales and Co-Owner of M-LINE Inc, servicing Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. M-LINE Inc is the parent company of Pittsburgh… Read Full Bio


Board Member

Robin Goheen is the Sales Director for Rusco Packaging Inc., one of the largest packaging and equipment companies in the South Central United States. Robin has over 32 years of experience… Read Full Bio


Board Member

With over 50 years experience in business; from an accounting manager for a small business to a stay-at-home Mom, to PTA President, to HOA President, Lynne wears… Read Full Bio

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