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An insight into eco-friendly packaging products


From PDA member Hughes:


The quality of your product isn’t the only thing conscious customers take into consideration when deciding whether or not to buy from you. Today’s consumers are much more savvy about sustainability and they want their favorite brands to be just as committed to being green as they are… down to the green packaging materials that they use.


And they’re willing to pay more for it, too.


Choose Green Packaging Materials That Represent Your Product Without Losing Quality


Green Packaging Materials Will Not Only Have An Affect on the Environment But Also Your CustomersStudies show that shoppers believe foods are better quality when the packaging looks eco-friendly, and could be willing to spend more as a result. They found that products that used green packaging materials were believed to be higher caliber than those in conventional packaging.

The green packaging materials you use represent your brand’s values directly. That’s right, they are a part of your product. And if you don’t do it right, it’s a missed opportunity.

One way to start is by choosing eco-friendly shipping supplies. Hughes Enterprises has a sustainable packaging line that consists of over 70 high-quality products proven to work, priced competitively and most importantly, safe for the environment!


Lightweighting: Conserve Materials and Reduce DIM Weight


Creating lightweight packaging is another way businesses are responding to eco-friendly concerns.


Lightweighting specifically refers to reducing the weight of materials and modifying a package format to create a lighter, more efficient configuration. This lighter version of the original results in cost reduction from lower material consumption and greater shipping efficiencies. Both benefit the environmental and increase consumer satisfaction.


Plus, with the DIM shipping rate change that took effect at the beginning of this year, businesses need to have the proper sized boxes and limit fillers for every product shipped.Find out more about the new DIM weight changes and how it can affect your company in our recent blog, “Don’t Be A DIM Weight.”


Consumers Demand Sustainability


Consumers prefer to shop with green companies… green companies that use green packaging materials.


A recent survey showed that the majority of consumers take green packaging and sustainable practices into consideration when they shop. Of those surveyed, 57% said sustainable packaging is important to them, while 61% said they take it into account when deciding where to shop. Additionally, 55% have considered an online retailer’s overall carbon footprint, and 64% have researched the sustainability of supply practices when choosing among brands.


In response to consumer demands, many companies will need to rethink their packaging operations. It’s critical to use green packing materials and limit materials used… all while delivering a high-quality outcome.


Green Packaging Materials and Shipping Line Solutions


At Hughes, we strive to reduce environmental burden from the initial planning stages of a warehouse through the implementation and distribution process. One way to optimize the workflow of your packaging line and green your operations is through integrated packaging solutions.

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