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In 2017 we faced many turning points that changed the role of packaging in the supply chain forever. What predictions do we have for 2018?

Global Growth

Global packaging market to reach $975 billion by 2018 

The report explores the numerous reasons for this expected growth in the world packaging market, including technical developments, cost per package, sustainability initiatives and, perhaps most importantly, the growth of the consumer class in the Asia-Pacific, South and Central America, and Eastern Europe.

The growth of the global packaging industry is being driven by a number of trends, depending on various geographical regions. Growing urbanisation, investment in housing and construction, the development of retail chains and the burgeoning healthcare and cosmetics sectors are driving packaging demand in China, India, Brazil, Russia and other emerging economies. An increase in living standards and personal disposable income in the developing regions fuels consumption across a broad range of products, with subsequent growth in demand for the packaging of these goods.

The Packaging Experience

Recreating Packaging 2018 Is Now Open

Stora Enso is hosting a design competition called Recreating Packaging. This year’s focus is on the to create a fun and enjoyable experience through packaging in kids’ foods. This emphasizes the importance of the packaging experience as we move in to 2018.

The Recreate Packaging by Stora Enso is a design competition that seeks new packaging ideas and solutions based on renewable materials. The competition is open both for students and professional designers, who compete in their own categories. The competition is now open for registrations until 22nd December 2017. Recreate Packaging is widely recognized in the international design community, media and social channels, which provides great opportunities for talented designers to stand out

Labeling Requirements

Packaging trends to watch for in 2018

In Addition to clean labeling, 2018 is the current set year for the transition to new FDA nutritional labeling regulations for foods. Understanding the FDA regulations for food labeling requirements is an absolute must. Know what nutritional content for the ingredients in your food product, the serving size, expiration dates and the placement requirements for your package.

The FDA began updating the nutrition labeling guidelines for the first time in 20 years, and if your product is already on the market, it is in your best interest to plan on aligning your nutrition labeling with the updated rules soon. Make sure you are clear on what is required to be on your packaging and labeling before you go to market with new foods. If you aren’t confident in compliance, finding a food labeling consultant is never a bad idea. Though the FDA has pushed back the new labeling requirement deadlines a few times already (and it looks like it may be doing so again), it is better to heir on the side of caution and be prepared.


The 4 Packaging trends to prepare you for 2018

With the industry becoming more focused in environmental sustainability, this trend forces you to come up with packaging solutions that are reusable in nature. By enforcing the term “reusability” into your packaging, you will be able to achieve the latest milestones in sustainability for your brand.

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