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Having access to valuable information has never been easier. The internet puts us one step away from any information we could need. The vast amount of information available often makes it hard to decipher what information is relevant. These are the top blogs that provide relevant, valuable information in packaging:

Packaging World

This site provides a wide range of article topics that are specific the the packaging industry. There is an ability to sort through the suppliers by product with a dense database. The videos in the video library are engaging and show innovative/new technologies.


Packaging Distributors of America

Our website provides a weekly blog that focuses on packaging topics (design, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, etc.).


Packaging Digest

This is one of the top providers of digital and print information in the packaging industries. There are also many opportunities to interview and share information. This is a great place to find out event information.


The Dieline

All about design, this site presents awards to the best in packaging design.

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