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PepsiCo has introduced a premium bottled water brand featuring packaging that is more central to the brand than the product itself. LIFEWTR, a purified water pH-balanced with electrolytes, is packaged in a sleek PET bottle in two sizes decorated with labels that feature the work of emerging artists involved in mediums such as graphic design, street art, and photography.

“We believe the biggest equity of this brand is the label,” says Seth Kaufman, Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo North America Beverages. “LIFEWTR has a beautiful piece of art on it. We think it will connect with consumers in a more inspirational way.”

For LIFEWTR’s launch, PepsiCo selected artwork from three artists: large-scale painter Jason Woodside, mural artists Memo, and transatlantic duo Craig Redman and Karl Maier (Craig & Karl). New label designs in sets of three are expected to be launched quarterly, with some using existing artwork scaled to fit the label template, and others featuring art created specifically for the series.

The exclusive supplier of the labels for LIFEWTR is Constantia Flexibles, which worked with PepsiCo to create a clear, pressure-sensitive biaxially-oriented polypropylene label that brings the artwork to life. As Constantia Flexibles National Account Manager Ryan Zarbaugh explains, Constantia uses a 12-color RCS combination rotary screen and flexo press from Gallus to bring the texture of the art to the forefront. He notes that because the bottle and label are clear, the artwork can be seen from both the front and back.


Dog food brand Harringtons tasked global design and branding agency Hornall Anderson ( with redesigning its packaging to elevate the natural qualities and British provenance.

Hornall Anderson updated the existing packaging, while retaining and elevating the healthy and natural elements of the brand, using paper packaging and introducing a craft feel to the design, including the use of hand drawn brushstrokes.

A brighter color palette achieves standout, while clearer hierarchy of on-pack messaging makes it easier for busy customers to choose. Packs are now easier to shop by dog size, such as puppy or adult.

An updated, simplified and bold brand mark and clearer icons have been added. Messaging about the natural ingredients in Harringtons is more prominent, to correspond with the trend for natural food in the pet care category. Elements of the previous packaging design which worked, such as the dog photography, were kept to secure customer loyalty.

“The new designs represent evolution rather than revolution. We wanted to keep the elements that worked, but modernise the packaging. So we retained the natural, healthy aspects of the brand by using paper material and introduced a more crafted feel into the design to reflect the quality of Harringtons’ products,” says Craig Harriott, design director, Hornall Anderson.

Dan Reeves, marketing manager, Inspired Pet Nutrition, which owns Harringtons, adds, “It is Harringtons’ first pack redesign for a decade and as the range is increasing and entering new categories such as wet pet food, we need to have a consistent approach across the range.

“The clearer, more contemporary designs make it easier for shoppers to spot the range as they enter the aisle and quickly identify which variant they want.

“A suite of packaging has also been created covering cats and small animals as well as speciality packs such as hypoallergenic and grain free.

“The launch of the designs coincides with our latest burst of marketing activity on TV, radio and through digital channels.”


Ciao Bella, maker of premium gelato and sorbetto, announced a packaging overhaul aiming to evolve the brand to be more on trend, competitive and “approachable.” While the new brand design maintains some familiarity, it also brings back its iconic “C” swirl reminiscent of its early days. Clean, clear packaging depicts instantly recognizable ingredients that tie to the frozen treats’ natural colors. Along with the new logo, Ciao Bella, in an unprecedented move, is replacing its current 14 oz. jar with a larger, cylindrical shaped 16oz container without raising prices.

“The premium segment within the specialty frozen dessert category has witnessed tremendous growth in the last several years, particularly in the pint segment. We believe there is great opportunity to give back to our consumers with the larger container at no cost to them. We expect the introduction of our new design and pint will appeal to new fans while also maintaining our loyal brand fans through extraordinary flavor profiles and value,” says Carlos Canals, CEO of Ciao Bella.

“As a company, it was important for us to create packaging that best reflects who we are as a brand and what we stand for, that means clean, natural, transparent, and approachable. Now, you’ll see our unwavering commitment to the best tasting ingredients from around the world and the excitement and appreciation of what crafting authentic gelato and sorbetto really means to us.”

The new Ciao Bella 16 oz. pints will start to hit retail shelves nationwide this month and will maintain its $4.99 SRP.

Established in 1983, Ciao Bella began creating authentic gelato & sorbetto in a small gelateria in New York City’s Little Italy, a neighborhood rooted in flavor and a love for delicious food. Committed to hand selecting the finest ingredients and crafting them into today’s best flavor interpretations, Ciao Bella’s premium products are driven by the creative vision and artistry of our chef, and inspired by Mediterranean culture and cuisine. For more information, please visit


In a move that will extend the Company’s “One Brand” global marketing strategy to packaging, Coca-Cola has announced the launch of new graphics that use one visual identity system featuring Coca-Cola Red as a unifying color across the Trademark.

The Red Disc, the signature element of the new “Taste the Feeling” global creative campaign launched in January, will now appear prominently on packaging. Further underscoring the Company’s commitment to provide choice, the new packaging is designed to enable consumers to choose the Coca-Cola that best suits their taste, lifestyle and diet.

To clearly identify each product, the signature color is featured throughout the packs – black for Zero, silver for Light/Diet and green for Life. The new graphics will also include the unique product name and benefits on front of pack to help consumers make an informed choice:

  • Coca-Cola Original Taste (or Classic in select markets)
  • Coca-Cola Light/Diet: Crisp Taste, No Calories
  • Coca-Cola Zero: Zero Sugar
  • Coca-Cola Life: Less Sugar, With Stevia Leaf Extract

Coca-Cola “One Brand” Packaging – 8oz glass bottle line up

“Packaging is our most visible and valuable asset,” said Marcos de Quinto, Chief Marketing Officer, The Coca-Cola Company. “The Coca-Cola Red Disc has become a signature element of the brand, synonymous with great taste, uplift and refreshment. By applying it to our packaging in such a bold way, we are taking the next step towards full adoption of the “One Brand” strategy, uniting the Coca-Cola family under one visual identity and making it even easier for consumers to choose their Coca-Cola with or without calories, with or without caffeine.”


US-based Ferris Coffee & Nut Company has introduced new packaging for its coffee products.

The company’s new coffee bags feature a label that is said to reflect the company’s philosophy, sustainable relationships and commitment towards customers.

Ferris Coffee brand manager Ursula Casanova said: “Our team realised that Ferris’ packaging presented an opportunity to better connect with the consumer and tell our company story as we took them through our coffee’s journey.

“Creating a new coffee packaging system allows us to better articulate our company’s mission, vision and coffee program.”

“At Ferris, we want to recognise everyone, from the growers we work with to our baristas. They all play a vital role in creating the ultimate coffee experience.”

The company stated that it focused on four major areas during the packaging’s development, including consistency, function, aesthetic and messaging.

The new bag is said to provide a cleaner layout than its predecessor, as well as provide important information about the source and taste of each coffee.

Ferris Coffee & Nut noted that the new coffee bags resemble the company’s ‘people first’ philosophy and its commitment to source coffee from proper sources while developing a separate identity for each coffee flavour.

Founded in 1924, Ferris Coffee & Nut Company is a family owned specialty coffee and nut roaster situated Grand Rapids, Michigan, US.


California-based Mission Produce has a fresh way of highlighting organic avocados with the debut of new packaging, available in both double layer and single flat formats.

For years Mission has packaged its organic avocados with purple PLU stickers and utilized purple mesh and bag straps to help retailers and consumers distinguish organic from conventional fruit.

It said the addition of this new box further extended the emphasis on organics.

“This box will call out organic avocados in the back room as well as on the sales floor,” organic category manager Megan Berenbach said.

“It helps to highlight the organic fruit for backroom staff and will help them identify inventory as they pull Mission Organic avocados for display.

“As the organic category grows, we made it a priority to support our customer’s [sic] needs with updated packaging.”

Vice president of marketing Robb Bertels said the new packaging was “unique, clean and bright.”

“Based on the popularity and growth of the avocado category – and especially organic avocados – we feel strongly that we need to do more to highlight organic for retailers and consumers alike,” he said.

“According to the Hass Avocado Board, over 50% [of] heavy avocado users consider organic to be an important attribute when they are on the path to purchase.

“We don’t expect that to slow down, and anything we can do to highlight organic will benefit the category.”

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