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Are you using it to the best of it’s capabilities? Technology advances are moving at an exponential rate, and we make it our responsibility to stay on top of the innovations that are critical to our growth and improvement. The idea of sharing innovation with others to increase our rate of expansion is at the forefront of our philosophy.


Our goal is to share what information we have, and seek out the most current information. In light of this philosophy, we are sharing must-have mobile apps if you work in packaging.


GoTo Meeting





fullsizerenderThe mobile app for go to meeting provides the same features as the desktop application, allowing users to conduct virtual meetings that are just as good as live. Host meetings anywhere you want directly from your mobile device. Schedule meetings ahead of time, view the presenters scree, and share up to 6 webcams in the same meeting.






fullsizerenderThis platform makes it easy for your organization to have internal and external communication that is HIPAA compliant and encrypted. With a simple interface you can reach co-workers, partners, and customers, with the ability to share files and have multiple users in one conversation.







img_4398This app removes inconvenience from recycling. When you open the app there is not a “sign in” process – the three step process includes: (1) select the type of material you would like to recycle (automotive, batteries, construction, glass, metal, paper, etc.); (2) select a sub category from the endless list of options; (3) select a recycling facility from the list of options, which are listed by proximity. The app features modern aesthetics, comprehensive options, and “read more” category, which is a database of information about recycling.

Recycle Nation





img_4400Right off the bat, when you open the app there is a tour, significantly improves the user experience the first time you visit the app. Knowledge is of importance in this app, with an updated catalogue of news and tips. The green and white color palette signifies clean, renewable efforts of the app. With a zoomable map, users can quickly and easily find recycling centers located nationwide

Recycle Bank





img_4399With a reward structure an account sign-up process is necessary – this app makes it easy to sign up online or in the app. If you have the sign up process take just seconds. On the first visit you are able to tour through 4 pages of information, or skip right to the app’s home page. The infrastructure of the app allows users to find recycling centers, schedule recycling pickups, catalogue recycled items, and collect rewards.


Microsoft Remote Desktop





This app gives you the ability to access your PC from almost anywhere. Through a multi-touch experience, view data and applications, manage connections, and stream video and audio.






iphone-676726_1280You’ll never be without your files again due to the increased capabilities of cloud storage. The dropbox mobile app allows you to access your dropbox account, view files, send files, save images from your phone, edit files, and more.






fullsizerenderDownload this app to legally sign and return important documents from anywhere and on any device. With the ability to sign documents on the spot you won’t be tied to your desk. With diversified abilities, this app is a solution for a variety of transaction needs, such as completing contracts, opening accounts, confirming deliveries, employment documents, and more.







fullsizerenderExpensify is now the number one tool for expense report management, and works well from any device. You can easily view expense reports, track receipts, import account data, and track all of your business travel data. With smart scan technology you can easily take a photo of your receipt and stop wasting time with spreadsheets.






fullsizerenderWorking well in a team environment can be streamlined with Trello, which gives you the ability to see a complete perspective of all of your projects, no matter where you. With this app you have the ability to create specified boards, invite co-workers, customize for each project, assign tasks, comment, and upload media and files.

Packaging Fun

Recycle Toss





fullsizerenderThis is for when you get bored at your desk and don’t have the space (or privacy) to throw paper in a recycling bind. You can select your difficulty level, track your personal best, share your progress on facebook, and earn trophies.

Google Cardboard





18446561558_269901d6cb_bFor $15, anyone can experience virtual reality right from their smartphone. Google released this smart phone container, made out of cardboard, that makes the VR (virtual reality) experience possible for anyone. Their goal: expand use and development of VR technology. Both the Google Play and the IOS app stores have additional apps that utilize the VR experience of Google Cardboard.

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