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It’s our mission to keep a fresh presence for PDA

We keep our eyes on the path ahead – in doing so, we view our website as a living, breathing tool for all of those in the PDA community. With our website functioning as the face of PDA, it’s never been more important to us to enhance the user experience for our audience. Now you can more easily find the products that you are looking for and other important information that you need from PDA. Here’s a summary of what we changed.

New home page

We strategized a new user experience for our home page to help our users find the information that they are looking for. This includes:

  • An updated navigation, with a focus on our products and our solutions
  • Steering our messaging toward a product-focused direction, driving our visitors to contact a packaging expert
  • Emphasis on the success that we have had with other clients
  • Full scope of our locations and products
  • Simplification of overall scope to better guide our visitors to the information that they need

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Case studies

PDA is not your average packaging distributor. We added case studies to showcase how powerful our solutions are. In each case, we used “outside-the-box” thinking to solve packaging problems in unique ways. In some cases, our clients didn’t know they had a problem until we showed them a better way. These case studies include:

Locations Information

Location is one of the top priorities for our clients. If you’re new to PDA, knowing that there is a PDA in every corner of North America is a critical piece of information. Finding those locations is even more important. We upgraded our interactive map to include:

  • Individual pages for each of our logistic centers
  • Interactive google maps with directions and address information for each location
  • Distribution center information for each location; this includes the types of products and solutions that you will find at each location to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for
  • Click here to view now – on the interactive locations map, click on your nearest location to view more information
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Need Equipment Service?

We have packaging equipment service technicians available to help! Learn more about our nationwide coverage.

Speak to a service tech: (404) 592-0580

Need Equipment Service?

We have packaging equipment service technicians available to help! Learn more about our nationwide coverage and service options.

Need urgent help? Call us now:
(404) 592-0580