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Many areas of packaging rely on digital printing. The capabilities of digital printing allow companies to have aesthetically pleasing and dynamic packaging. From higher quality graphics to product personalization, the possibilities are endless. These are our top 6 tips for digital printing in packaging.

(1) Increase brand equity

Digital printing gives companies an opportunity to increase their brand equity. High quality packaging products are able to be created with luxury designs. And seasonal products can be easily created because it is easy to quickly change and modify the designs being printed.

(2) Target your market

Specific audiences can be targeted through customized messaging. Digital printing allows you to print product details with specifications and more detailed images which can help to educate your audience. By targeting your specific market through your product packaging you will naturally have a higher conversion rate and return rate.

(3) Create a first impression

Brands rely heavily on the perception that the consumer has of the product on the shelf or in the box. Whether the product is arriving via mail or the consumer is purchasing in store, they are interacting with the product packaging before the product. Being able to add custom design elements and messaging to the outer packaging gives a company an advantage when it comes to building a special first impression.

(4) Save money with digital printing

The ability to print with digital printers also gives companies an opportunity to save money. The costs of the materials used are economical. Waste and other emissions from traditional printing options are reduced when switching to digital printing.

(5) Diversify your designs

The color palettes available in the CMYK color scale are diverse and produce a wide range of color options. This gives companies the option to have unique, beautiful designs on the shelf.  With competition already being tight on store shelves, standing out with color is helpful.  White ink is also available making it possible to print on darker hues.

(6) Smaller batches

With digital printing you are able to print with smaller batches at economical costs, and even print variable data. With the growing number of SKUs this is critical for achieving the desired volume.  The on-demand nature of digital printing makes it ideal for printing smaller batches and more personalized batches.

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