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Transitioning to automated solutions in packaging has endless benefits for a company. From cost savings with labor to creating more sustainable options, companies have been able to make big strides in business optimization. Here’s what we’re learning about automation in packaging.

Sustainability and Automation

Sustainability has been a hot topic in packaging for quite some time, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. When it comes to automation, this is another area where companies can leverage their brand equity with sustainable efforts. Many consumers make purchasing decisions based on long term sustainability, and automation is able to use fewer materials, decrease on gas emissions, and reduce the water that is used in a facility.

Increased Safety from Robots

Robots are a primary form of automation in the packaging line. The innovations in robots have created positive changes in distribution centers when it comes to employee safety. Unfortunately distribution centers have many areas that have safety concerns. While hard hats and safety protocols help to reduce injuries, robots have been able to completely eliminate some safety concerns.


Automated packaging solutions provide versatility in many ways. These machines are created to be able to integrate into an existing packaging line and work with many different types of products. The advancements in automation have led to solutions that are flexible and able to change based on the desired outcome of the business. These types of machines can handle anything from bottling to boxing and more.

Automation is Not a Threat

Some people hesitate to bring automation to their facilities because they fear that it will become a threat to jobs that they provide for their community. Big layoffs that result from technology upgrades are a bad look for companies in an already critical world. When it comes to packaging, though, automation is often a helping force rather than a threat. Many automated systems actually make the lives of the employees easier and safer rather than being a threat to the job.

Also, there are many tasks that humans can’t perform, or can’t perform fast enough. When a machine can perform at 1000x the speed of a human, and with zero errors, it’s a no brainer that incorporating automation is a benefit.

They Myth of High Costs

The implementation of automation in a distribution facility is a daunting process, and often comes with a perception that the high costs out weigh the benefits. While there are costs associated with the initial transition, the long term savings from optimizing efficiency are much greater. There are also many programs that are available to save on the initial costs, such as payment plans, equipment leasing, and pre-owned equipment.

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