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Succeeding By Improving Others

PDA is committed to developing custom packaging solutions. We marry engineering and technology with environmentally-responsible practices to deliver consistency in customer relations, services, products, and handling. With a community-first approach, we are the complete source for product diversity, knowledge and education, and ingenuity in packaging.


What is a packaging consortium?

While trade associations have been around for hundreds of years, before PDA, there was no association or consortium developed to represent packaging distribution, and nothing else. Packaging distributors do not have a place to go to share best practices and help each other grow. While other industries were thriving through a joint effort, packaging distributors had no formal place to collaborate.

Other associations were too general, leaving packaging distributors without a feeling of alliance. They were ready to be part of an entity that allowed them to come together to exponentially expand their impact, giving them the opportunity to impact their local communities and share knowledge, expertise, experience, and innovation strategies. That is when our founder sat down with our original 6 distributors to establish a plan for PDA.

The PDA Commitment


Since its inception in 2006, Packaging Distributors of America has maintained an impassioned commitment to community wellness and sustainability. With a clear understanding and respect for the people and neighborhoods that we serve across the world, PDA and its partners invest daily in the development of innovative packaging processes that serve to enhance the lives of individuals, organizations and the environment. Transparency and responsible dialogue within our industry guide us toward our goal of enhancing the lives of millions around. 

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Our commitment to conscious and active moral standards outlines the types of behaviors and relationships in which we engage. Responsible codes of conduct and a commitment to improving people’s lives in and out of the business environment, as well as a steadfast set of ethics is key to decision making, problem solving, and the ability to craft and create value.

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Everything we do begins with our commitment to the safety and prosperity of our employees and partners. We create an environment that is inclusive and enables all to think boldly, leverage their skills, and make a lasting impact. We listen to our people, and include their thoughts and ideas in our overall vision and daily practices. By treating our people with dignity, respect, open-mindedness, and overall value, we are able to sustain our growth and encourage a growth that persists outside of ourselves.

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PDA’s emphasis on creating and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment demonstrates our dedication to our employees, customers, and others in the community. High standards in all health and safety areas are a critical aspect of operating productively and, as a result, helping us to compete effectively. Taking it a step further, our products and services enable our customers, and their customers, to provide healthy and safe work and living environments.

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As a company that relies on the products of nature, we appreciate what we receive from our environment and are proud to not only take care of the environment today, but to thoughtfully explore methods that will ensure our future generations have an environment to take care of. We employ experts who ensure that we continually improve our products and processes in ways that allow us to recycle responsibly, use natural resources efficiently, reduce emissions, and keep our people, community, and environment safe.

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The future of PDA

In an effort to address social, economical, and environmental challenges, we know that our ideas and plans must extend beyond the current systems and processes and into the future. Staying true to our promise of discovery, our integrated R&D programs help us achieve breakthroughs more quickly and efficiently.

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