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PDA Hosts Digital Marketing Part 2 Seminar with Huge Success

ATLANTA, Ga.– On October 23-24 Packaging Distributors of America hosted a Digital Marketing Part 2 Seminar for its member and supplier companies. The seminar was presented by Stephanie Roland and Olivia Pietersen (see bios below). Participants engaged in two days full of marketing insights, developments, strategies, and tools. Participants walked away with a volume of knowledge on marketing strategies that are designed to help packaging companies and B2B companies

I want to thank PDA for allowing us to attend the digital marketing seminar this past week. I found it extremely informative and helpful in planning our marketing efforts for the balance of 2018 and for 2019 and forward. The information was straight forward and easy for us to understand and presented in a professional manner.

Digital Marketing Part 2 is designed to give marketing professionals a roadmap for merging traditional marketing with everything that digital marketing encompasses – with access to a library of resources and a digital portal, participants have the tools they need to maintain long term success and increase traction with their company’s digital marketing campaigns.

The PDA Digital Marketing seminar was not only worth the investment of time, but only continued to build relationships with partners in the industry. Because of this event, we were able to come together as an industry and identify how we can best support our customers in a new frontier.

The course objectives included:

  1. Implement and manage search engine marketing
  2. Analyze traffic patterns on a website
  3. Understand how search engines and ranking algorithms work
  4. Create digital and written content, optimized for search ranking
  5. Market a website for lead generation and conversion
  6. Develop digital lead-generation strategies

This program is terrific and offers something for attendees of all levels of expertise. This is my second year and again I feel like I was able to walk away with new methods and ideas that will help in our future marketing efforts. I absolutely love the camaraderie of the group – the willingness to share and help each other explore different avenues and means.

Instructor Bios


Stephanie Roland takes a special interest in studying human behavior and decision making with regard to consumer behavior. She has refined this skill in her educational experience as a psychology major at American University, as well as in her subsequent professional experience.

In her current role at Twenty Five Apart, Stephanie is immersed in the social media and digital marketing world 24-7. Passionate about business growth and opportunities, entrepreneurship, and digital trends, this role is a natural fit for her. Beyond this, Steph enjoys encouraging others to explore a passion for telling their own stories, whether business or personal, utilizing the tools that are available through the media and other tech outlets.

Company: Twenty Five Apart  |  Email:  |  Phone: 717-658-4660


Olivia Pietersen discovered a passion for marketing, sales growth and networking at her first position in retail sales. It wasn’t long before her combination of creativity and sales tactics developed into career aspirations. In order to further develop these skills, she acquired a Bachelor’s Degree as well as several Diplomas in Business Administration and Marketing. With a vast knowledge in business strategies, consumer behavior and marketing trends, it was natural for Olivia to gravitate to the world of digital marketing. As E-Commerce Business Manager at Crownhill Packaging, Olivia makes use of these skills to assist in business development and brand awareness.

Company: Crownhill Packaging  |  Email:  |  Phone: 289-201-4533

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