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What’s Popular on Twitter Right Now

Twitter  currently has over 300 million users with almost half of those users on their platform on a monthly basis. Because of its immediacy it’s an easy way to share information. For businesses, it’s also a convenient way to gain new customers, share important information with current customers, and provide updates for the industry as a whole.

This winter has been an active time for packaging on social media, and Twitter in particular. Take a look at the most popular posts that we’ve seen this winter on Twitter.



packaging reduces transportation emissions through lighter and more protective materials that prevent damaged goods. Discover more ways enhances our lives every day.



When it comes to , our members are committed to providing products in many portion sizes, for many occasions. Individually portioned packs are important to help consumers control calorie intake & enable a healthy, balanced diet.



Learn from leading players how they see the growth of the packaging sector and the work of the GWG



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Even if the weather outside is frightful, this Automatic Carousel-Style Definite Length Tape Dispenser is so delightful!


What does it mean to have a with PDA?

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