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The latest innovations in packaging design are improving the end user experience.


For many companies, packaging design is the last consideration in the supply chain process, and often a cost prohibitive endeavor. With that being said, we have proved, time and time again, that poor packaging design leads to a negative impact on customer satisfaction.  Why is this so?


Your packaging = your brand


Your packaging is often the first thing that end users face when interacting with your products.  A popular YouTube phenomenon features a topic called “unboxing.” Users show their experience as they open boxes of products that they have received in the mail. These videos are receiving millions of views and are influencing millions of consumers to pay more attention during the unpacking process. It is also giving consumers an outlet to express their satisfaction, or lack of satisfaction, during the “unboxing” process.


This is just one example of an outlet for your customers to express their frustrations and concerns over the packaging of your products. Customer complaints range from product damage to extreme difficulty in the unpacking process.


The Research


Research proves that packaging design influences user experience, ultimately influencing their inclination to re-purchase. A 2013 study published in the Journal of Psychology & Marketing found that attractive packaging activated parts of the brain typically associated with rewards and even has the potential to influence people to buy.


Other companies have continued to teach us that attention to detail and value is critical at every touchpoint in the supply chain, product delivery, and product use process. For example, Apple’s packaging experience includes a minimalistic, yet sophisticated, design, in combination with sturdy and easy functionality.  Learn more about Apple’s success in packaging here.


Considerations in the Packaging Design Process 


What does it take to create a positive user experience in the packaging process? Here’s a list of considerations for your packaging designs:

  1. Personalized: do you add personal touches to your packages?
  2. Brand identity: does the packaging design encourage and reinforce our brand identity?
  3. Value: does the packaging reflect the value of the product?
  4. Ease: is the packaging easy to open, while also tamper evident and preventative of damage?
  5. Sustainability: do you provide recycling information for your packaging products?
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