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The PDA Planning Meeting, held every January, took place on January 13 to January 15 at the Crescent Hotel in Dallas, Texas.


Each January, the members and suppliers who are part of PDA come together to plan for a successful year ahead.  The meeting kicked off on Sunday with a welcome reception where our attendees met to celebrate the start of the new year and start conversations about the progress to come. From the chatter of the crowd, it was evident that the group is excited for the meeting ahead, and the innovation that is coming to packaging this year.

The first morning of the planning meeting is dedicated to reviewing the status of PDA and our keynote speaker.

Mike Kilbane, strategy consultant for PDA, started the meeting with opening comments, then passed the stage to PDA President, George Strobel. Strobel officially welcomed the group and shared insights about the member and supplier updates, and other exciting news for PDA. Following George, Stephanie Roland, PDA marketing coordinator, presented about the marketing status, then Ken Wong, Chairman of the Board, motivated the group with an inspiring speech.

The event keynote speaker, Kim Lear, from Inlay Insights, captivated the audience with an emboldening speech about the differences in how various generations interact in the workplace. She pointed out that we don’t need to change our behavior to accommodate other generations; rather, multi-generational workforces can work strategically to understand each others work style and produce efficiently.

After Kim, Don Raleigh, from Evolve systems, presented the PDA online ordering system. For those who haven’t interacted with the online ordering system, this was a powerful demonstration to bring new technology to our community. Innovation is a pillar at PDA, and we are proud to offer our customers the option for online ordering. We also value the importance of offering a multi-channel approach to working with our customers.

On Tuesday morning, Richard Brown from The Box Maker shared an hour presentation on digital printing in packaging. He showed the group that anything is possible with digital printing. He captured their attention through the visual details and endless capabilities that digital printing has to offer, emphasizing that it is a critical component for every packaging company.

Throughout the events, each of our members had a chance to present a short segment on what makes their business unique. For some it is the way the products are distributed, for others it is the products themselves. This time was a powerful opportunity for our members and suppliers to get to know each other better and share new innovations. We also had multiple panels to review more best practices in a packaging workplace, and endless sharing of valuable information.

It was clear by the afternoon on Tuesday that everyone in the PDA community is excited about the year ahead and proud to be part of PDA. Overall, the PDA kickoff event was a huge success and a great way to start the 2019 year.

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