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Sustainability is a big commitment.

Almost every day a new company comes out with a promise to implement specific changes to enhance their sustainability commitment over the coming years. These initiatives aim to bring long-term preservation to the natural resources that we depend on in our environment. Learn more about sustainability commitments that are trending right now.

Sustainability through Products

3M has maintained a commitment to sustainable practices for many decades, but has recently made a new commitment that requires all new products to include sustainable value. With over 1,000 new products coming to the market every year from 3M, this commitment is resounding. 3M also uses their influence to create opportunities for solving some of the world’s toughest challenges. They aim to help their customers, and the world as a whole, on an individual level and on the larger scale.

Because of their wide range of product lines and markets, 3M has a unique opportunity to provide improvement for a range of different problems that occur in the world every day, especially regarding sustainability. Click here to learn more about the commitment that 3M has made to sustainability through 2025.

Packaging Policies

The volume of plastic waste that is accumulating in our oceans is astounding. As an electronics manufacturer, Samsung utilizes a large amount of packaging, and has historically used a lot of plastic packaging. This is shifting for Samsung – after introducing eco-friendly packaging to laptops in 2018, Samsung now strives to offer eco-friendly packaging for a wider range of their products.

Essentially, they are replacing packaging products such as plastic trays with paper or bio plastics, and ensuring that the paper packaging products they use are certified sustainable products. Click here to learn more and view the sustainability commitment infographic.

Solar and Electrical

Ikea is notoriously committed to recycling and reducing product waste. A special consideration for Ikea is energy conservation and reduction of greenhouse gases. A new Ikea facility in Virginia will feature an 180-000 sq. ft. solar panel array, as well as Blink electric car charging stations. The bigger picture is that Ikea aims to have energy independence by 2020.

This Virginia Ikea location is not the first of it’s kind of Ikea – they have 55 additional facilities with solar arrays and other energy reduction practices. They have also invested an impressive $2.5 billion in technology to further these initiatives. Click here to learn more about Ikea’s commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability for New Businesses

When budding entrepreneurs set out to start new ventures it is not uncommon to utilize services such as Kickstarter to raise capital to fund their new businesses. Kickstarter has taken the lead on helping new businesses start with sustainability in mind. At the end of 2018, Kickstarter introduced new features on their platform that allow users to evaluate the environmental impact of their products.

It is not uncommon for people who are creating new products to over-utilize resources in the initial phases of product development. Kickstarter aims to provide resources for its customers to create products that are considerate of the environment through an Environmental Commitment program. Click here to learn about the program.

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