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The packaging world is changing every day!

Almost every business relies on packaging and paper products for their daily operations. While often thought of as a static industry, packaging is quite the contrary. With new technology emerging every day and consumer demands becoming more and more intense, companies have to evolve and packaging is part of that evolution. These are the top articles that are popular in packaging right now.


Loop offers a new way to recycle

A new initiative by a small company has compelled more than two dozen of the world’s biggest brands to begin testing reusable packaging.

Loop, launched today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, has amassed a blue-chip roster of companies, all of which are piloting a new system of high-quality packaging that can be returned and refilled again and again. In essence, it changes the ownership model of packaging from consumer to producer.

The big question is, will consumers buy into it?

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The cost of waste disposal

Britain is to set out plans to overhaul its recycling system on Monday, including making plastic packaging producers pay the full cost of dealing with their waste and introducing a deposit return scheme for cans and bottles.

At present, producers pay only around 10 percent of the cost of dealing with plastic packaging waste, the environment ministry said.

Under an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system, the industry will pay higher fees if its packaging is harder to reuse or recycle.

EPR for packaging will raise between 800 million and one billion pounds ($1 billion-1.3 billion) a year for recycling and disposal, the ministry said.

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Samsung is moving away from plastic packaging

The volume of plastic waste that is accumulating in our oceans is astounding. As an electronics manufacturer, Samsung utilizes a large amount of packaging, and has historically used a lot of plastic packaging. This is shifting for Samsung – after introducing eco-friendly packaging to laptops in 2018, Samsung now strives to offer eco-friendly packaging for a wider range of their products.

“In the first half of 2019, packaging currently used for Samsung’s products and accessories – from mobile phones to home appliances – will be substituted with recycled or bio-based plastics and paper. Samsung also said it would alter the design of its mobile phone chargers, eliminating plastic protection films by swapping their glossy exteriors for a matte finish.”

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Is bottled water going away?

Bottle water companies could be facing trouble this year because of slowing sales. It is expected that sales will slow due to consumers increasing demands to have sustainable products, as well as government pressures and other bans. Consumers also don’t like to see plastic bottles littering the landscape, piled up in landfills and clogging waterways. As a result, major bottled water manufacturers such are seeking alternatives and pledging to increase the amount of recycled plastic in their bottles.

Another source of pressure on bottled water companies are investors who want to see them limit single-use plastic packaging. Last June, an alliance of 25 investors which manage more that $1 trillion in assets that was organized by advocacy group As You Sow asked companies including Nestlé, Unilever and PepsiCo to reveal their annual use of plastic packaging and set reduction goals, while switching to recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging when possible. Those three companies have already agreed to phase in packaging made from recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials with more recycled content by 2025.

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Nestle makes a sustainability commitment

In addition to upping its packaging recyclability and phasing in alternative materials, Nestlé also aims to change recycling behavior among both its own employees and consumers. The company is encouraging its global employees to participate in World Ocean Day on June 8, and its board members and executives will also volunteer to clean the shores of Lake Geneva this spring. The company has also pledged to ensure proper recycling options are available at all 4,200 facilities worldwide and is investing in marine plastic issues in Indonesia.

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