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Packaging is perhaps the most important part of an e-commerce business for the unboxing experience.

Unboxing is no longer a new term in packaging – this is the experience that people have as they open their e-commerce packages. These experiences are often recorded and published on social media platforms. This attention has created an opportunity for brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

We have a lens into the initial moments that our customers interact with our products. For many e-commerce companies, if this is a first time purchase, this is the first tactile interaction the customer has had with the brand. On top of this, we have an insight into how our products arrive and how this makes our customers feel.

E-commerce retailers have the unique challenge to make an experience out of packaging, and these are 4 ways that you can improve your unboxing experience.

1. Include a packaging inserts

Imagine you open a package and it has a personalized note to you, with the items that you purchased and a notion of gratitude for being a customer. Intelligent software has made it possible to create this type of personalized experience for your customer. This note can be customized based on whether it is a new customer or an existing customer. This is also an opportunity to offer a discount or provide a discount card.

Other marketing collateral can also make an impact. You can show other products and details about your offering. The modern day customer is sensitive to company values, beliefs, and history, so you can also include a print out of your company details to show your customers that they are purchasing from a company they can trust.

2. Add in product samples or small gifts

Many of your customers don’t know about other products that you have to offer. For qualifying purchases, you can include a sample of a complimentary product in the package. Many companies can retrieve these samples free from their vendors. Giving them away for free to your customers can increase your exposure on social media and essential become free marketing.

Adding in an extra sample or a small gift will create a shareable experience for a customer that wasn’t expecting anything beyond their purchase – once this circulates the social streams, your other customers and new customers will be incentivized to purchase as well. The gift doesn’t have to be a product sample – for example, a skincare company may include a small washcloth, or a shoe company may include extra free laces.

3. Create a branded experience

There are two types of packages that arrive at our doors: the branded package and the unbranded package. We know the unbranded – this is the one that is your standard brown box, maybe some tissue paper, and clear packing tape. While this unbranded box use to be the standard approach, the tides are changing and we’re seeing more companies going after the branded experience because of the unboxing impacts.

To create a branded box, companies have access to:

  • Custom packaging tape: the colors and patterns are limitless
  • Digitally printed boxes: the capabilities of digital printing has made it possible to create beautiful packages that represent your brand on the outside and the inside
  • Presentation: the key component is the presentation of the products inside the box
  • Thoughtful void-fill: Rather than filling the void with brown tissue paper, you can include branded materials and use the product presentation to create a more desirable look

The goal of the branded experience is to make an impact on the customer so they look forward to purchasing again and receiving their next package.

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