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DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons

The Solution for Your Customer’s Barcode Labeling Needs


DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation, your exclusive thermal transfer ribbon supplier, has the perfect solution to help you retain customers. With our Complimentary Private Labeling Program, customizing your box and roll labels is EASY and FREE. We tailor labels to meet your specifications, including product name, description, company logo and contact information. Tell us what you want on your boxes and/or product and we will design a custom label for you.


What does this mean for you?

  • Create brand awareness – It is YOUR “brand” name that is identified with the product.
  • Protect your business from competitors – Private labeling makes it harder for competitors to match and price check similar products.
  • Ease of reordering – Your company part number and phone number are present on each roll and carton, so customers can contact you easily.
  • No relabeling – We label your boxes and product with your custom labels, which means less work for you.


The possibilities are endless.


Visit to learn more about DNP’s product offering and services.


Have questions? Contact your DNP representative, Marlene Del Torre, at 724.696.8961 or mailto:m.

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