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Success is born from a dedication to discovering the best possible way.

We find success in helping our clients by creating better solutions and better outcomes in the packaging supply chain. These case studies help to show how we are able to do that. Each of these stories presented a challenge that was causing an inefficiency in the packaging process, and the overall business processes. Learn how Packaging Distributors of America helped to turn challenges into opportunities.


How to inspect packages accurately and at rapid speed

Incorrectly labeled or packaged products can lead to customer dissatisfaction, inspection failures, and an array of other business-ending consequences. For our client, the lack of accuracy in the packaging of their products meant increasing customer complaints that parts were missing when their packages arrived. We brought our client a team of engineers who developed a vision system to inspect their packages.

After implementing the vision system our client experienced a halt in customer complaints. They went from a 7.5% customer complaint rating to a 0% customer complaint rating immediately. This also answers the question of whether it was a customer problem (i.e. they lost or damaged the product after delivery) versus a packaging problem (it was clearly the latter). Another sign of success: our client purchased an addition 4 vision systems since they implemented the first.



Camera manufacturer turns to PDA for managed inventory

Our client was looking for outside management and support for their distribution centers through UTI Logistics. Having a third party logistics provider purchase and manage inventory turned out to be financially beneficial for this leading camera manufacturer. When our client expanded their outside management philosophy, they were looking to consolidate their vendor base for warehousing and packaging supplies. These would be separated by department: warehouse, packaging, and medical. Ten locations nationwide would be ultimately supported by one supply chain provider. Ten locations nationwide would be ultimately supported by one supply chain provider.

The results attained through SOP during first year as a supply chain partner for this larger camera manufacturer showed dramatic improvements in achieving lean inventory and contributed to maintaining a healthy business. They experienced confirmation that items purchased matched items supplied through packaging audits performed throughout the distribution chain. Consolidation down to one partner – PDA – meant complete transparency in communication.



How a pet supply company streamlined their boxes

When a company has thousands of SKUs, and they’re shipping thousands of products per day, management of packaging and shipping costs is critical. A lack of systemization and planning of packaging products was causing supply chain break down for a large pet supply retailer. Streamlining their boxes through PDA has paid off, in more ways than one.

We brought a common approach with unified pricing structure to all of the distribution centers. By working with PDA at all DCs, they were able to share best practices and help the client to achieve product standardization and rationalization for their core business.
They also have access to, and interface with, top management at the individual PDA servicing member locations. Two companies work together via monthly teleconferences to achieve lowest total cost of ownership solutions in the packaging arena. Our client has saved costs on packaging products as a whole, saved inventory space, optimized packaging inventory, and demonstrates a streamlined supply chain with like-sized boxes.



How to fill the void with low-maintenance materials

Void-fill materials make it possible to ship vulnerable and fragile goods worldwide without damage, breaking and scratching. These products are especially important for the electronics industry. With such a range of options, what is the right solution when packaging consumer electronics?

A leading manufacturer of consumer electronics had been using a table-top unit to create cushioning material at two replacement part facilities. The units convert fan-folded paper into crumpled void-fill. The company had been spending $850,000 per year on the void-fill materials and felt they were paying too much. That prompted them to investigate inflatable, air cushioning systems. The total materials savings was 35-40% annually, and there was a significant freight reduction. The win was made possible because of a combination of equipment superiority (speed), material profile (less resin, biodegradable), and an improved working environment for employees.


How to effectively facilitate a ship from store fulfillment process

Omnichannel fulfillment processes are becoming more popular all over the world as economies change with the influence of technology. For any retailer, this provides an opportunity to capitalize on less “out of stock” scenarios and increased bottom line. PDA successfully implemented a ship-from-store platform for a big box retailer by digging in to the challenges and taking specific steps to ensure success.

Because we provided a customized solution and took the time to get to know the dynamic challenges faced by our client, we were able to solve the problems they faced with fulfilling online orders, and provide auxiliary benefits. The in-store staff was properly trained and prepared for the transition, so the implementation process went smoothly. We were able to provide the knowledge of how to effectively package the products to minimize shipping costs and prevent damage, so our client was able to save additional costs. The in-store inventory was also optimized, and now provides an improved shopping experience for customers who are shopping in-store.

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