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Keeping up with the latest updates in packaging fuels innovation!

By keeping our tabs on what’s current and trending in the packaging space, we can learn from our industry and grow in our fields. We can gain insight from the industry news that’s available and in turn make our own companies better. This helps us to improve our customers bottom line as well. Read more about the topics below that are hot in packaging this spring!


Customization of Packaging Materials

We have written about the power of having a customized and branded approach to your packaging materials. This customization is important in growing segments such as rigid plastics: “Over the past few years, the global rigid packaging market has witnessed steady growth due to rapid urbanization, rising plastic production, technology developments driving smart rigid packaging, and increased application in end-use industries that include food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care & cosmetics.”

Why is this important in rigid plastics? Because “these strategies will drive new growth opportunities and attract customers that are focused on higher durability and environmental sustainability.” Rigid plastics add value for customers by “protecting the food from being wasted as it helps in increasing the shelf life of the products, and decrease leakage and spoilage.” Then customization comes into play: “Customizing rigid plastic packaging to end-user specifications such as prolonged shelf life and easy to cut, open and eat.”

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Originality is key

When companies launch new products or new products come into the marketplace, companies have a unique opportunity to create new and different slogans, messaging, and, of course, packaging designs. Tootsie Pops released a new product which is a mini version of their popular original Tootsie Pop. Unfortunately, the design they choose for their packaging was deemed too similar to another popular lollipop.

“A federal judge is siding with the makers of Dum Dums lollipops in its lawsuit against a rival candy maker. Ohio-based Spangler Candy Co. is suing Tootsie Roll Industries because it says the Chicago-based company’s new Charms Mini Pops packaging too closely resembles the Dum Dums packaging. A preliminary injunction handed down in Ohio says Tootsie Roll must at least temporarily stop using its packaging for Mini Pops.”

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Sustainability will still prevail

Sustainability has been a hot topic for years, and isn’t going anywhere. Every day companies all over the world are announcing new ways that they are going to encourage sustainability and bring more sustainable efforts into their own companies.

Trader Joes has made a new commitment: “Officials with the grocery chain made the announcement in its February edition of the Fearless Flyer, among the new items, seasonal promotions and a “not-so confidential memo” to customers. As people become more conscious about reducing their plastic consumption, Trader Joe’s was facing mounting criticism for an “overuse of packaging,” especially in the produce section. Officials with the retailer said it’s been listening to customers’ feedback on the issue, and in response, has stopped offering single-use plastic carryout bags in stores nationwide (already banned in all large stores in California). In addition to that, Trader Joe’s officials said it has replaced plastic produce bags with biodegradable and compostable options, which we’ve noticed recently at San Francisco and Oakland stores.”

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Walmart has also made new promises: “Walmart has issued a new set of plastic waste reduction commitments by leveraging its massive private brand program. The new commitments, announced at Walmart’s annual supplier forum, are expected to affect more than 30,000 stockkeeping units (SKUs). According to a news release from the retailer, the move is designed “to help get to the heart of the problem by focusing on the retailer’s private brand packaging, building upon existing efforts to reduce plastic waste in Walmart U.S. and Sam’s Club operations and encouraging national brand suppliers to set similar packaging goals.”

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The Food Delivery Market will continue to grow

Food delivery is becoming more and more popular in a many ways. From single serve delivery kits, to restaurant chains offering immediate delivery, this creates a big packaging need. Here’s a new approach to this segment: “Meal kits are notorious for their packaging problem: A typical delivery might come with insulation, gel-filled icepacks, and tiny containers or bags holding individual ingredients–like a few leaves of basil or a few spoonfuls of sauce–all inside a cardboard box. A new brand is trying to start addressing the issue by using a reusable shipping container. After delivery, the container goes back to a meal kit company to be cleaned, refilled, and sent to someone else in a cycle that can repeat up to 75 times. The insulation is built into the package, and reusable ice packs can also be sent back instead of being thrown away.”

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