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With our annual meeting around the corner, people & culture are on the minds of those in the PDA community.

The PDA way is centered on the way we treat our people

Everything we do begins with our commitment to the safety and prosperity of our employees and partners. We create an environment that is inclusive and enables all to think boldly, leverage their skills, and make a lasting impact. We listen to our people, and include their thoughts and ideas in our overall vision and daily practices. By treating our people with dignity, respect, open-mindedness, and overall value, we are able to sustain our growth and encourage a growth that persists outside of ourselves.

The way we treat our partners and employees is reflected in the ways they carry out their daily routines. They are thoughtful in the way they approach clients, and they make sure that every job is done with the utmost consideration and quality.  They feel safe in their roles, enabling them to deliver on their commitment to PDA, our clients, and our communities. At the end of the day, they feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves. They know that they are part of the PDA family, and they express their appreciation of the PDA culture through their loyalty.



Culture is a word that is often spoken about, and well-understood, amongst our community. Without the hard work and dedication our people demonstrate on a daily basis we would not be able to call ourselves an innovator in the packaging industry. Our company culture centers on:

  1. Leadership: We strive to lead by example with an emphasis on integrity and a commitment to high ethical standards.
  2. Education: Without continued learning, our people we would not be able to provide the best possible solutions, meaning that we would fail in our quest to innovate and influence the future in- and outside of the packaging world.
  3. Communication: Our commitment to providing a safe environment allows our people to operate in an environment that encourages open communication. It also gives them with tools to effectively and accurately communicate with each of our clients and partners.
  4. Partnership: We view every individual and entity as a valued partner to our growth, and the growth of the community that surrounds each of us.
  5. Opportunity: Our commitment to value each and every member of PDA, and those outside of our organization, provides an opportunity for uncompromised excellence.


Outside of our internal commitment to our people, we know that global success is achieved through connecting to those who exist in the communities outside of our doors. Regardless of the return or impact on PDA, we care to understand the problems the exist outside of us. We have a genuine interest in:

  1. Philanthropy: Giving back to those who need it most keeps us alive and hopeful for a global shift in all causes, big and small. Learn more about what philanthropy means to us at PDA.
  2. Environmental awareness: Sustaining the environment comes with the territory in an industry that is continually faced with evaporating resources. Learn more about how we face environmental challenges.
  3. Careers: Our beyond-national coverage allows us to offer career opportunities to thousands of people world-wide. Learn more about opportunities with PDA.
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