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This summer has been a newsworthy time in packaging. Global economic trends have been driving packaging industry conversations and this is only increasing. People pay more attention to packaging than ever before with the influx of e-commerce and online ordering, as well as consumer attention on sustainability concerns. It’s also a popular time for companies – large and small – to be evaluating their packaging strategy and making significant shifts. We have seen many companies make pledges to create changes in their sustainability commitments. We have also seen companies undergo rebranding initiatives, and with that has come innovations in packaging.

Here are the top articles from the packaging industry this summer.


Nestle produces many products that have traditionally been packaged in plastic packaging. Not surprisingly, they have been getting heat for the amount of plastic waste that their snack products leave behind. The R&D experts at Nestle put their heads together to create a new way to package their snack products. Two big announcements came out this summer about products that will be seeing this new paper-based packaging:

As you might imagine, switching to paper saves a lot of plastic waste. Nestle expects to save 418 tons of plastic every year and will continue their commitment to be 100% recyclable and reusable (with regard to packaging) by 2025.


A shocking 1.3 billion people live their every day lives with visually impairments. Most markets out there – including beauty – are ignoring the needs of this demographic to some extent. Traditionally, this it was more challenging and expensive to create braille packaging so companies turned to other shapes and symbols. In the beauty industry, scent can go a long way, and not just with perfume. Too Face introduced an eyeshadow palette called Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette, which has a distinct scent of cocoa powder.

Learn more about how the beauty industry is becoming more accessible to all demographics here.


When the Packaging Distributors of America got together last month in Arizona for its 13th annual meeting, it had much to celebrate: new suppliers and members, implementation of industry-leading innovations, and a year of charitable giving. At the meeting, the contributions of various organizations and individuals were recognized including: Member of the year: Pacific Packaging; Supplier of the year: Tach-It; Champion of the year: Jack Anderson, Flexpak; 2019 President’s Award: Olivia Pietersen, Crownhill.

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This summer Amazon cracked down on their packaging policy in response to customer complaints about over packaging. Sometimes customers will receive a “box-within-a-box” – which creates a lot of waste and frustration in the unboxing experience. As a result, Amazon started issuing fines for overpackaging starting on August 1st. The goal is to cut down on the unnecessary packaging for better costs and longer sustainability. The idea is also to have cheaper shipping for the end user, and to be able to get more boxes on a truck (meaning faster shipping times)

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Food safety is a primary concern for food and beverage companies, their packaging providers, and for the end customer. About 600 million people experience food poisoning ever year, and hundreds of thousands die from food related illnesses. It can often take days or weeks for investigators to determine the source of an outbreak. Even after determining the source, this information has to be made public and circulate to all who could be affected. This lengthy timeline adds to the toll of the number of people affected. With advanced tracking in packaging, this could be prevented and create a healthier overall demographic.

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Another attempt at being sustainable, yet also friendly to the consumer, PepsiCo has introduced a new packaging option for water – a can.  Plastic waste is a primary concern for big manufacturers, and Pepsi produces tons (literally) of plastic packaging every year. The product will be introduced in US food services outlets and retail stores next year, and Pepsi expects to eliminate more than 8,000 metric tons of plastic, as well as 11,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

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