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Interested in expanding Thermal Transfer Ribbon Sales? Learn more about Food & Beverage Application opportunities with DNP, your exclusive thermal transfer ribbon supplier!


Food packaging labeled with barcodes or expiration dates is a prime example of one way consumers are exposed to thermal transfer printing. Not only do we rely on cashiers to scan products for pricing, but consumers scan products with self-scanning equipment available at supermarkets or even their own phones. To keep checkout lines moving, barcodes must be clearly readable. Thermal transfer technology ensures this happens and has become commonplace in the food packaging industry.


Printing of “best by” dates and lot numbers has increased as food safety becomes a growing concern among consumers. Expiration dates and lot number traceability are critically important in the event of a product recall, and such printed information must remain legible for tracking information. In addition, other applications, such as barcodes, part numbers and item numbers, require durability.


Besides printing on all types of labels used in the food and beverage industry, printing information on flexible packages with thermal transfer ribbons is normally an integrated part of the food packaging line. The inline thermal transfer printer prints directly onto the substrate, typically a bag or some other type of container. Wax and wax/resin ribbons are commonly used in this application for printing on plastic bags (polybags) and do not have to be specially designed for this operation.


DNP has a wide range of globally available thermal transfer ribbons to print on various substrates used in food packaging applications. We can help you ensure barcodes and text are clearly printed, improving batch identification, brand protection and consumer safety. In addition, DNP’s products are safe to use for indirect food contact.


To learn more about our product line or for samples, contact your DNP representative, Marlene Del Torre, at 724.696.8961 or mailto:m.

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