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Consumers Love Sustainability

Every month we have an opportunity to share more insights about new products and innovations in sustainability because it is continuing to be the most popular topic in packaging. Customers love sustainable products and want to know where their products are coming from. People are more interested than ever in their own individual footprint on the world and our ecosystem. And companies are responding to this by continuing to innovate and commit to sustainable options.

Here’s what’s new in sustainability this fall.

Nestle’s Research Lab

Nestlé used 1.7 million tonnes of plastic packaging last year, according to Greenpeace, making it one of the world’s biggest users of plastic packaging. With products candy, coffee, and frozen foods, it is hard to imagine a way to eliminate packaging from its supply chain. Nestle is, however, making efforts to be more sustainable. Nestle is committed to learning more about sustainability and ways to incorporate better products. The company opened The Institute of Packaging Sciences as a research lab for packaging.

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KitKat Origami

KitKat is another company that uses a lot of packaging to effectively and safely get their products to the end user. KitKat is launching new packaging that is made of a paper product and includes directions to create an origami swan. Not only does this help the environment by using better products, but it also cuts back on litter and pollution. One contributing factor to pollution is litter and waste; by incorporating packaging that can be made into something that is valued by the consumer, there is a less likely change of litter.

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Sonoco Suppliers and Products

Sunoco is another one of the world’s biggest consumers of packaging products. As an innovative and forward thinking company, they are rolling out a series of new packaging protocols and products. A few examples include cans made from recycled paperboard, packaging made from consumer-recycled resources, flexible pouches, and agricultural fibers. They are also helping the environment by putting a focus on the worlds food waste issues.

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Unilever Rethinking Packaging

As a producer of consumer goods, Unilever uses a LOT of plastic packaging. Their goal is to eliminate the bad packaging and rethink their products to utilize better packaging. For example, they are piloting toothpaste that is packaged in chewable tablets instead of squeezable tubes. Another new product is cleaning products that come with refillable bottles. Unilever’s underlying focus is on changing customer behavior to make packaging innovations long lasting.

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What’s Next

We count on our planet for resources and therefore must be attentive to the impact that we have on the longevity of the planet. These examples of high-achieving initiatives and real actions from leading companies are a strong indication that we are headed in the right direction. There is also a clear message that packaging doesn’t need to be eliminated, just rethought.

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