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Because of our comprehensive national coverage, all of our clients are equipped with a local Certified Packaging Consultant available as their own trusted partner and advisor who understands their organizational goals and clearly defined expectations. This person, and their team of handpicked collaborators, ensure that the site assessment process is completed efficiently and comprehensively.

We have dedicated countless R&D hours to solidifying a site assessment protocol that has been tested over time to save our clients time and money in the long run. Our experts have pre-defined objectives and deliverables, that marry consistency with customization, to make sure that no part of the site goes un-analyzed. At the end of the day, we merge the strength of national, diversified coverage and experience, with the investment in local insight to create an implementation plan that enables sustainability and growth.

Plant Operations

We begin a site assessment by exploring your plant operations to capture all of the complexities of your routine operations. This exploration includes looking at your materials and machinery, products, employee functions, safety standards, technology, and more. Outside of the nuts and bolts, we look at the application and consequences of each element. We produce accuracy by evaluating representative information, such as product usage/history reports.

Inventory Management

Cost control is at the bedrock of effective supply chain management, calling for an effective inventory control system. We discover your daily business needs to pinpoint your day-to-day demand for the necessary components of your business operations. From boxes and tape to storage and oversight, we track your demands to deliver a just-in-time product that optimizes your input and increases cash flow.  By employing JIT, VMI, economic order quantity optimization, and other creative programs, we are able to reduce inventory expenses. Our relationships with our clients and partners are strengthened because of our diligence with regard to timelines and fine-tuned measures in this fast-paced environment.

Order Processing

We pay close attention to your order processing infrastructure to help find ways to alleviate loss and increase the efficiency of order fulfillment. We delineate your retrieval and packing processes, but we don’t stop there. We dive further into the indirect influencers, such as your customer support and e-commerce. At the end of the day, our goal is to identify areas where time and resources are being lost to reduce overhead and streamline order processing.

Compliance & Responsibilities

Our technicians are intimately familiar with compliance laws and responsibilities that you have. For example, we assess the following areas:

  • Licensing, including continued compliance for renewal
  • Packaging waste reduction and recycling
  • Registration
  • Materials analysis
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Prevention of penalties
  • Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) and Packaging Export Recovery Note (PERN)

Labor Departments

During a site assessment we evaluate the roles of all direct and indirect labor departments that have an effect on packaging and plant operations. We also address issues that arise when companies have labor reductions or inefficiencies that cause a domino effect of malfunctions. Your employees are one of your most important assets so we look for sustainable practices that improve safety, retention, satisfaction, and output.


To ensure stabilized, functional, and accurate fulfillment, we evaluate your:

  • Account management
  • Invoicing and transactional processes
  • Data storage and communication
  • Funds transfer methodology
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation & Shipment
  • E-commerce management
  • Returns & Exchanges


Every distribution center and facility has specified needs that are unique and we are diligent about identifying these differentiators. Because of our diversified experience, from automotive to beauty to technology, and everything in between, we are able to quickly and accurately identify areas that have potential to be optimized during our site assessment.

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