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Morrisette PDA Supplier Event

The Morrisette and PDA Supplier Event provided an opportunity for twenty four PDA Suppliers to sit down and meet with 80+ of Morrisette’s sales and management team. This round robin style event gave the suppliers ten minutes with each Morrisette group to give a quick overview of their capabilities and explain what makes them unique. The format was fast-paced and informative.

After the suppliers met with every group, there was a reception following the event where participants could further discuss potential opportunities to partner on projects. The Morrisette team became more familiar with PDA through this event and looks forward to working together with this valuable group of vendors on future opportunities.

From the Attendees

Greyson Taylor – Morrisette: 

“I just wanted to say how great the PDA Supplier Meeting meeting was. I know a ton of things went into setting everything up….I cannot even imagine the work that went into it to be honest with you. The food, accommodations, speed dating with vendors and general camaraderie gained through this was next level.”


Bill Faster – Great Northern Laminations:

“The PDA day at Morrisette was first class! Terrific engagement throughout the day. The format was excellent and the Morrisette team was energized and engaged. We came away with many new and exciting opportunities that will drive growth for us and Morrisette. It was a terrific day that will pay dividends long into the future.”


James Street – Elkay:

“We wanted to say thank you to all for having us at your PDA Vendor Meeting last week. It was wonderful to meet all of you and get acquainted. It was nice to have a forum to present a wide variety of Elkay’s products and what we are able to offer. New items, new markets for the changing times.”


Susan Pacifici – Gordon Paper:

“I just wanted to thank you for including Gordon Paper in the PDA event. It was extremely well planned and I think will prove very beneficial to both the vendors and the Morrisette sales team. I know it was a lot of hard work to pull it all together!”

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