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Interested in expanding Thermal Transfer Ribbon Sales? Learn more about Automotive Application opportunities with DNP, your exclusive thermal transfer ribbon supplier!

The cost to risk ratio for printing labels with variable information in the automotive industry is remarkable, providing a very unique position. A label represents only a fragment of the costs of a car, yet if it is not readable, production downtime will lead to overall increased costs for the manufacturer

Cars contain many safety and warning labels, as well as component identification labels. These labels need to be legible throughout the lifetime of the vehicle even after exposure to harsh conditions including extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and a variety of chemicals (gasoline, brake fluid, etc.). With many labels already applied before actual assembly of the car, the automotive industry relies heavily on the printing industry. Without dark, legible print, assembly or on-time deliveries could come to a costly standstill.

DNP has a wide range of globally available thermal transfer ribbons to print on various substrates for the automotive industry, from under-the-hood to tire labeling. Using our products ensures barcodes and text are clearly printed. This improves batch identification, brand protection, safety, productivity and keeps your customer’s costs down.

To learn more about our product line or for samples, contact your DNP representative, Marlene Del Torre, at 724.696.8961 or

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