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Packaging Labels have Leverage

Packaging labels have advanced in all areas, from design to intelligence. With digital printing, companies have been able to create really beautiful designs on their product labels. Technology companies have also gotten into the label arena to help offer solutions to issues such as package tracking and batch tracking. In this article we’ll explore these innovations as well as others that have taken packaging labels to the next level.

Packaging Label Design

Labels can be used to sell a product. Products on the shelf can stand out with intelligently and strategically designed labels. Beverage companies can also create reusable bottles by simply having a good design. Label design is a place to showcase your brand and win over customers. New customers have to go by what they see on the package, so the design is key. When it comes to food, data proves that it’s important to customers that the photos of the food on the package look like the actual product. Digital printing has helped with this as well, making it possible to print realistic food images on package labels.

Intelligent Labels

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also playing a part in label innovation. These “smart labels” are customizable, tamper evident, and connected with big data analytics. This data can help companies track their products and communicate with their customers.

Recycling Information

Customers want to know that their products are safe and sustainable. Packaging labels are a great place to put recycling information for customers to engage with. This can simply mean putting instructions for how to dispose of the product. Or, companies can use interactive barcodes that users can scan to find out more information about the suppliers and origins of the product, as well as how to ethically dispose of the product.

Secondary Packaging Labels

With ecommerce being at the height of customers shopping patterns, it’s important that companies think about the labels on their secondary packages. The box that comes in the mail is often the first interaction that a customer has with the product or brand. This brown surface area on the box is ripe for opportunity. Companies can include graphics and other brand imagery to make their box stand out. Another trend is to have labels with important information about the product, such as perishable or fragile.


Another trend that is evident in labels is transparency. Customers want to be able to trust the brands that they engage with. They want to know products and companies are safe and honest. Labels are a place for companies to express things such as safe ingredients, no harmful chemicals, not tested on animals, etc. Include nutritional information and ingredients used is important as well.

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