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Blogging has evolved as a tool to stay in touch with your industry and customers by providing insightful, relevant content.

Packaging is a dynamic and trending topic with an endless number of conversations being discussed online. Many social media conversations start with a blog as a point of discussion. Whether you’re looking for product advise, tips for consolidating or saving money, design inspiration, strategy or business insights – and everything in between – there’s a blog for you to follow.

A few years ago we shared our favorite blogs to follow. The list below is updated for 2020. In no particular order, these are our favorite blogs to keep up with if you are interested in packaging.

Packaging Technology Today

Packaging Technology Today is a robust blog that covers a myriad of packaging topics. “It was designed primarily for the entrepreneur whose primary objective is to buy or sell equipment, materials, and services.” PTT makes it easy to find content that is relevant to you – their main navigation includes links to machinery, materials, and markets, with sub categories for each.

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Packaging World

This is another packaging blog that we often reference in our social media sharing due to the relevancy of the topics. The editors share up-to-date, relevant information for people looking to stay current with packaging conversations. They also offer a videos and case studies for more in-depth learning. The “playbook” section of the site is a unique feature: offering a selection of publications focused on various components of packaging, such as automation and labeling.

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Packaging Gateway

A user-friendly blog with relevant information for anyone in a packaging role. Packaging Gateway provides a number of ways for you to browse their online content. You can look through their database of packaging companies, browse by packaging project, get inspired in the design section, explore equipment insights, learn from market data, or gain insights from the technology section. A unique section of this site is the “deals” tab where you can learn more about deals that are being made in packaging. What’s also great about this site is that the information is up-to-the-minute.

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Pregis Knowledge Hub

Pregis is a PDA preferred packaging supplier with an excelling source of packaging insights in their “Knowledge Hub.” You’ll find relevant articles about packaging topics that you care about, written by real packaging experts. Topics from recent posts include: virtual reality in packaging, protective packaging requirements, driverless trucks, and packaging training methods.

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Flexible Packaging Magazine Blog

Flexible packaging is a popular packaging topic due to the complexities of the market and the depth of conversation topics related to flexible packaging. This blog talks about flexible packaging products, like pouches, film and bags; as well as trends, market analytics, and insights related to those products. If flexible packaging is important to you, you should be paying attention to this blog each week!

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PDA Chain Media Center

At Packaging Distributors of America, it is important to us to share valuable resources in the packaging industry. Our media center includes blog articles with helpful insights for your packaging supply chain, as well as featuring the “top” in packaging, such as top podcasts, top blogs, top tweets, top LinkedIn posts and accounts, and more. We also highlight news within the PDA community.

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Hughes Enterprises Blog

Hughes Enterprises is another PDA member with digital publication. In the Hughes blog, you will find articles related the packaging industries that Hughes serves, such as automotive, food and beverage, e-commerce, construction, electronics, and more. Hughes also plays a big role in packaging consumables and packaging equipment for their customers, and their blog has details for people looking to navigate those topics.

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Packaging Digest

Packaging Digest is another all-encompassing packaging blog. The “features” tab makes it easy to find the articles that people are most interested in right now. It’s also easy to browse by topic or market segment: food and beverage, pharmaceutical, design, machinery, and more. For those looking to subscribe and receive content to their email inbox, this is a great solution.

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The Packaging Company

The Packaging Company (TPC) website offers a knowledge sharing center with endless insights on important packaging product topics. As an e-commerce packaging website, TPC does a great job of helping the end user get more information about the packaging products that they love to use. To further connect with their audience, TPC offers a downloadable packaging guide for e-commerce companies.

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Plastic Packaging Facts Blog

Plastic Packaging is a hot topic because of the heightened awareness of sustainability. This blog does a great job of showcasing the necessity for plastics and how to approach plastics in a way that is sustainable for the future. Learn more about market data, as well as innovative approaches to plastics on this blog.

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