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Pick your packaging! Whether you’re warehousing TTR in bulk or distributing small quantities to end users, we have a SmartPaks solution for you.

Bulk Packaging

Are you a service bureau, kitting ribbons and labels, or purchasing 10+ cases at a time? We will place all your same-size rolls onto one pallet, shrink wrap it, and ship the pallet to you.

How does it work?

  • Contact us to set up bulk packaging
  • Place your order for 10 cases (240 rolls) or more of any item
  • We’ll ship you a shrink-wrapped pallet


How do you benefit?

  • Less time spent unpacking boxes
  • Less packaging waste to dispose of


Master Packaging

Are you reshipping packages? Try our individually strapped and labeled resin master packs. What’s missing? All those extra costs to ship multiple cases.

How does it work?

  • DNP keeps the industry’s most popular resin sizes in 6-packs on the shelf at every distribution center
  • Place your order for a 12-pack
  • We’ll ship two individually strapped and labeled 6-packs in one large box same-day from the nearest location to you


How do you benefit?

  • Reduced lead and transit times
  • Reduced freight cost
  • Less time spent re-labeling and re-packaging
  • Keep one…ship one!


To learn more, contact your DNP representative, Marlene Del Torre, at 724.696.8961 or

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