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Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) is proud to have an extensive North American membership base with locations across the USA and Canada that have stepped up.

When Covid-19 hit our nations, several of our 24 members wanted to help via a focused group undertaking, and collectively we knew we had the unique opportunity and ability to do so.

With coast to coast locations throughout the USA and Canada, coupled with solid access to the supply chain of necessary materials, our members were in a unique position to initiate an “all hands on-board” effort to bring much needed face shields to market.

The unique proposition of the PDA designed face shields is two-fold. Firstly, the shield is produced from proven American made packaging materials, such as urethane foam and polymer film, which our members have long standing direct access to.  Secondly, utilizing a knowledge base honed from extensive years of packaging structural design experience,  these face shields were ergonomically designed for quick (30 second) efficient assembly either on-site / on-demand or in advance of utilization.

Unlike most face shields in the marketplace, the PDA designed shields have the unique ability to ship flat, store flat, and assemble on demand. In addition to lowered transportation costs and reduced storage needs, the minimized carbon footprint associated with shipping this efficiently designed PPE item added another intangible benefit to the undertaking .

Several key members of the PDA family took the leadership opportunity within their communities to engage with this collective undertaking across the country. Each made a strong sincere commitment of bringing to market a minimum of 10,000 much needed PPE units to their respective cities and markets. Collectively the PDA membership has successfully to date brought over 100,000 shields into the marketplace. Many of which have gone directly to front line responders and other healthcare personnel.

A core value of PDA is our concern dedication and generosity to the communities we serve. We are proud and appreciative of our members for participating in this essential philanthropic initiative, and we’d like to thank all members who contributed this unique opportunity to those who are in need during this Covid-19 battle.

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