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Shurtape technologies, LLC is a leading manufacturer and marketer of pressure sensitive tapes and consumer home and office products with facilities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Peru, United Arab Emirates, and China.  Together our subsidiaries serve numerous markets including DIY, home products, industrial/MRO, building and construction, packaging, HVAC, professional paint, automotive, marine, aerospace, arts and entertainment, graphic arts, sound control, medical, and retail.  In addition to specialty adhesive solutions, Shurtape offers products under recognizable brand names such as Duck®, FrogTape®, Painter’s Mate®, Shurtape®, T REX®, and Kip®.

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Armor VCI

Armor Protective Packaging provides clean, safe, and easy corrosion management solutions. We specialize in helping metal manufacturing plants eradicate rust during the shipping and storage of metal products.

Packaging Distributors of America members turn to ARMOR when they are: 

  • Looking for a true cost saving solution for their customers on corrosion prevention.
  • Shorter lead times on VCI products
  • Smaller minimum order quantities on VCI products

We provide a technical, simple approach to your customer’s rust and corrosion issues.  ARMOR’s products and services help key stakeholders prevent rust and corrosion to reduce their lost revenue, rework time, and to increase their efficiency.  Simply put, when it comes to rust prevention or removal, our job is to take the work out of your workday.

ARMOR is trusted by over 90% of Fortune 500™ companies because we are very different when it comes to corrosion management: 

  • For nearly 40 years ARMOR has provided the industry’s cleanest, safest and easiest products and services to eradicate rust!
  • The ARMOR Stock & Ready™ Program offers the industry’s largest selection of immediately available VCI products—they are in-stock and ready to ship — we promise.
  • We do not over complicate — rust prevention does not have to be rocket science. We help to simplify with easy-to-use products, education and training.

Please find a PDA specific landing page on ARMOR’s website:

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Need Equipment Service?

We have packaging equipment service technicians available to help! Learn more about our nationwide coverage.

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Need Equipment Service?

We have packaging equipment service technicians available to help! Learn more about our nationwide coverage and service options.

Need urgent help? Call us now:
(404) 592-0580