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Covid-19 did not stop the PDA community from joining together to celebrate each other and connect as a community.


Packaging Distributors of America’s 14th annual meeting took place through Zoom as a way to keep our members and suppliers safe but connected. Our member distributors and preferred suppliers joined together to review the year to date progress, welcome new members and suppliers, celebrate philanthropic contributions, and share other achievements.

George Strobel, President of PDA, welcomed the 65 attendees who joined the online meeting. Strobel welcomed the group by sharing his gratitude for those who joined. He then shared other announcements, including the welcoming of new member Korpack.

Following the welcome announcements, Stephanie Roland, head of marketing for PDA, shared insights for the marketing progress of PDA and expectations as we close out 2020. Next, Ken Wong, Chairman of the PDA board spoke about how strong the PDA community is and how our community focus is what keeps us strong.

The PDA spirit of comradeship and collaboration has never been stronger. Collectively we have leaned on one another to share ideas, opinions, strategies, commentaries, business opportunities almost daily.

Being an independent has lots of merits. Being an independent with trusted connections and friendships and literally being one keystroke away from instant collaboration…priceless.

Following Ken a series of awards were distributed from suppliers:

  • Marlene Deltorre from DNP presented an award to Flexpack (Brian Kellan) for PDA partner of the year for the largest increase in business with DNP in 2019
  •  Steven Clements from Tach-It presented 2 awards; Big Bucks award for ov erall sales to BGR, and Top Dog Award for highest overall growth percentage to Hughes Enterprises

Next, George presented the PDA awards for 2020:

  • Supplier of the Year: Sharp Packaging by Pregis
  • Champion of the Year: Amy Packer from Hughes Enterprises
  • Member of the Year: Brian Kellen from Flexpack
  • Presidents Award: Bill Faster from Laminations and Amy Packer from Hughes Enterprises

George then shared a loss from the PDA community. The whole community is grieving the loss of  Robert Kugler from Omega Packaging.

George closed the meeting with a message that we are a family. He shared a video called The Huddle which stands as a reminder that when you join the huddle you become part of a team, a tribe, a community.

Everyone in the group was proud to celebrate the many successes and achievements, as well as the opportunity to connect as a group.

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