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Packaging is a dynamic topic that yields thousands of search queries and sparks endless social media conversations every day. Trends in environmental sciences, technology, and economics all influence the types of topics that are being discussed online.


These are the top questions that are being discussed in packaging right now.


What packaging is environmentally friendly


Every day people are searching for ecofriendly solutions for all business processes. It is not surprising then that one of the top online conversations about packaging revolves around environmental friendliness. Because of pressures from consumers and from policy makers, companies have to focus on how to become more environmentally friendly. Check out our sustainability protocols here to learn more about how we approach sustainability at Packaging Distributors of America.


Similar questions that people are asking are what packaging is not recyclable, what packaging materials are biodegradable, are packaging bubbles recyclable, and are packaging envelopes recyclable. Help your customers to help the environment by providing sustainable solutions for packaging.


Are packaging peanuts a good insulator


Many items that are packed for deliver must be packaged with void-fill solutions like packaging peanuts. Other packaging fill options include airbags, paper, and foam. As far as insulation, peanuts are one option for insulation as well as protection.


All products are different, and the shipping process changes based on the types of products being delivered. For these reasons, it’s important to not only choose a product that will provide insulation, but will also provide protection for the products.  To take it one step further, products that were traditionally packaged in boxes with packaging peanuts are being converted over to bags and mailers where it is safe to do so.  This saves money and provides a more environmentally friendly solution.


When packaging goes wrong


It is common to spend countless hours (sometimes years) on the research and development to create a brand new, innovate product.  At the end of the development when the product is consumer ready, packaging is often an afterthought. One key reason packaging goes wrong is because of lack of planning in the development process.


The packaging of goods is a whole process on it’s own and must be incorporated into the overall product R&D to ensure that proper planning leads to successful execution. Because there are so many facets in packaging there are endless areas where packaging can go wrong. Our packaging professionals at Packaging Distributors of America can help you make sure to prevent your packaging from going wrong.


Considerations when packaging a product

As we already mentioned, there are countless considerations when packaging a product. A few examples include:

  • Transportation method: packages can be transported through ground, air, and sea. The type of transportation will impact the materials necessary
  • Fragility: How fragile are the products? If there is a chance that the products will break extra void fill is necessary
  • Size: Depending on the size and shape there are different types of packaging materials that will be best for packaging as well as shipping

How packaging influences consumer behavior

With e-commerce taking over as the primary way people are purchasing goods, packaging is becoming more important. The influence of packaging on consumer behavior is in turn growing. Prior to e-commerce the packaging considerations were focused on primary packaging, or the packaging that directly touches the item and is displayed on a store shelf.


Now the focus is shifting to the secondary packaging that is used to transport the goods to the customer. Being the first touch that the customer has with the product, the outside packaging is critical to creating a positive first impression.

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