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Evolving as PDA

At PDA, we identify as the Innovation Leader for Industrial Packaging. As innovators, it’s in our nature to evolve, stay nimble, and to think ahead. Packaging is one modern days’ oldest industries and the art of the trade has maintained through the years: provide protection for the goods of the world, from source to customer. While this root has prevailed, we at PDA have grown because of our ability to think outside the box and push the boundaries for what’s possible in packaging.

Starting with just 6 members in 2006, PDA has grown tremendously through the years. With over 80 logistics centers covering North America, our growth has been exponential. Unmatched in our core abilities as company, we have a unique position within packaging. We offer the solutions that our customers need today; but we also have a strong network of engineers that are shaping the future of packaging.

With such a broad reach in the packaging industry, we are proud to still offer the same “make-it-happen” service that we’ve offered from day one. Without a doubt, we’ve grown in size, scale, and ability. But our owner-operators are more active than ever in developing solutions to the world’s toughest packaging challenges.


Why Now?

2020 has taught us just how important packaging is to the world. Packaging professionals in all of the PDA companies have been faced with evolving to new demands, new problems, and new ways of protecting products for our customers.

With that evolution, we reevaluated what is important to PDA today and in the future.

A logo makes a brand mission more tangible. It takes many ideas and beliefs and puts it into one shape to form an identity. The new PDA logo objective was to create a mark that represents the modern PDA company and the evolution of PDA, while maintaining the core of who we are.

Brand themes that the logo should represent are: forward-thinking, relationships, reliability, unity, and community.

Other brand artwork brings these brand principles to life:


At PDA, we are dedicated to our people, persistent in our beliefs, and ready to evolve when necessary.

Please click here to download the logo 

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Need Equipment Service?

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