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What is PDA’s mission

PDA is committed to developing custom packaging solutions. We marry engineering and technology with environmentally-responsible practices to deliver consistency in customer relations, services, products, and handling. With a community-first approach, we are the complete source for product diversity, knowledge and education, and ingenuity in packaging.

Where is PDA located?

PDA’s corporate headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. We also have over 80 logistics centers across North America. View all of our locations here

What packaging solutions does PDA provide?

PDA is your comprehensive source for industrial packaging supplies, equipment and service. Our specialty lies in combining a wide range of products with the most efficient and cost effective machinery and equipment. This attention to detail helps us ensure all of your packaging processes are supporting your best interest.

What does Local Meets National mean?

With 80 owner-operated facilities, local ingenuity is our national advantage. Across the PDA Chain, custom packaging solutions are engineered from the ground-up. Our owner-operators combine to create an unmatched national network of value and technology – all wrapped in the type of ‘make-it-happen’ personal service the competition doesn’t care to provide.

Where can I learn about the PDA board members?

From our corporate team and board members, down to our service techs and operations crew, our daily lives are guided by our commitment to community, sustainability, ethics, safety, and people, as well as our overall message to enable ingenuity in packaging. Our decision-making and ability to solve some of the toughest challenges is unprecedented because of the way we lead ourselves, as well as our staff. Learn more here 

What is PDA’s stance on sustainability?

As a company that relies on the products of nature, we appreciate what we receive from our environment and are proud to not only take care of the environment today, but to thoughtfully explore methods that will ensure our future generations have an environment to take care of. We employ experts who ensure that we continually improve our products and processes in ways that allow us to recycle responsibly, use natural resources efficiently, reduce emissions, and keep our people, community, and environment safe.

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Need Equipment Service?

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Need Equipment Service?

We have packaging equipment service technicians available to help! Learn more about our nationwide coverage and service options.

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