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Products in just about every category and segment require some form of packaging. There are many unique products and markets that call for specialized types of packaging applications. In the packaging industry, we have customers in quite literally every market and niche within. From home office to pet foods, here’s some top trending markets and the role of the packaging industry.

Pet Food and Accessories

Throughout Covid we saw many stories of animal shelters adopting out all of their cats and dogs. People really turned to animals to keep them motived, optimistic, and happy through this time. Even before Covid people have always loved having pets at home: Sixty-seven percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). This is up from 56 percent of U.S. households in 1988, the first year the survey was conducted. When it comes to packaging, there is a high demand for pet food packaging (bags, cans), in addition to packaging for accessories. Taking it further, with e-commerce playing such a vital role in consumers’ lives, e-comm-friendly packaging is important for this industry.

Home Office

The home suddenly need to be more comfortable and better organized to accommodate not just relaxing, but working and studying as well. People need more space, new arrangements and a quiet nook for each member of the family to get things done. So if you’re in the home goods space, anything that makes a home more pleasant to spend who-knows-how-much-time in is a trendy product. Textiles are an easy add if you don’t carry them because they create a homely feel and are comparably cheap for customers to splash on.


Wine consumption is growing due to several reasons. It’s the healthiest of all alcoholic drinks so as more people watch their health now, it’s the preferred choice. Also, millenials are substituting bars and restaurants with zoom meetups – and wine is the drink of choice for a night of chatting. It’s an affordable luxury in times of uncertainty. When it comes to wine the packaging options are far and wide. It’s important for a brand to consider what is important to their customers and work that into their packaging strategy. For example, if cost and convenience are important, boxed wine is a great solution.

CBD Products

With legislation of CBD in many countries, the use of CBD oil products is growing. Studies suggest CBD has positive effects on many health conditions and we expect it to become mainstream health product just like any supplements soon. In turn, the packaging industry has responded by offering packaging solutions for the CBD industry. Whether equipment or packaging consumables, CBD companies have a strong need for great packaging. This trend is predicted to only continue as the laws change and the general stigma around CBD loosens.

Eco-friendly Beauty Packaging

The beauty industry has seen a upward trend in consumers preference for eco friendly packaging options. Consumers use a lot of different products but one thing that remains true is that the packaging matters. Whether it is shampoo or deodorant, the customer uses the packaging just as much as the product so its critical that it is functional and on-brand. Some alternatives to plastic that are becoming mainstream are: bamboo toothbrushes (compostable), glass skincare jars (recyclable), ocean debris soap containers (upcycled), textile makeup tissues (reusable) and bar shampoos (no packaging needed). Refill cosmetic products are also becoming popular because they save on packaging – like by Humankind deodorant.

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